Have you ever met a Resser by chance?


Just for the craic.

Has anyone ever bumped into a fellow resser without knowing who they were on here until after they got to know them in the outside world? At a game, on holidays etc…

It hasnt happened to me although I would get talking to the odd stranger at a Dubs game and have often wondered if they were a member on here.
I was in a restaurant the other evening and walking by a table there was a lad browsing through this site on his phone. I didn’t stop to talk (as that would be a bit creepy) but found it amusing. Up until then I thought you were all these mystical characters that only existed behind the screen :slight_smile:


Im convinced there’s a few sitting beside me at each game in the season ticket seats . Grumpy auld fuckers too :joy:


Met Harper. Was on Dorset street in 2016 and he walked by. Recognised his mug from all the excellent photoshop work done by Doubleyoubee on the old site. I met Al that day as well in the same pub.


I’ve been really tempted to break into convo & say to the suspecting resser beside me " so what ya make of this Ohm chap ?" :joy::joy::joy:


Plot Twist - the Resser turns out to be Ohm…


Or Ohm is everyone in Reservoir Dubs apart from you and he’s just been playing you along for years. twilight zone music



Interesting fact. An unknown, uncredited George Kennedy (Cool hand Luke) is one of the extras who stands up and utters the iconic phrase.


Must be @dcr22B !!


Sounds about right


Didn’t meet anyone by chance as such. Met one or two at football games against them when their usernames were the same as their nickname!

When we played the first Res Dubs game out in Good Counsel against the Dublin U40’s we were all calling each other by our Ressers username as we didnt know proper names. Now a good few of us go to Dublin games together and meet others for a pint at the games.


Is that Cabal that Bart keeps going about? :grin:


“Its your round Dub09” … “No, it’s yours Unbelievable”


:grinning:… I can imagine someone shouting from the bar, what did ya want again Bongos?


There’s nobody here would get into the AC. I wouldn’t drink with any of them … except maybe @Roman


Have some recollection of that. It was after a match though wasn’t it?

As Sean, I mean whatever, said it was funny at the first ressers match calling each other by our user names and till this day I still dont know some of the lads real names. Unless Honcho is really Honcho

I never knew for years who daeldalus was even though we live in the same town. Think I only found out about 2 years ago. Still don’t know what the fook the user name means or how to even say it though


before it started, we got let down with tickets. I actually called yer Harper… you looked around with that expression who the ■■■■ is that?


Would anybody be interested in a Ressers meet up ?
We can break bread & mend fences :joy:


Was it outside the bridge?