Have you ever met a Resser by chance?


Not too well. I hear he politely declined the invite for the 2015 AI final show. He was busy washing his hair that day.:wink:


I voted to repeal. If you are not on about the referendum, what are you on about?


I really find that comment disgusting, yet not one you displayed in your repeal thread. Easy to be pro repeal when you display such disregard for life.


Relax, I was joking, although for some reason I did think you were anti-choice.


Get fucked.


Is that opinion a truer reflection of your caring society, the mask slips.


Yes, death to all is my idea of a caring society. You’re an awful dose.


Hannibal lector once ate a resser by chance.


RIP Bart!


Are we up for a meet up, as per Unbelievable’s question?


The Cannibal Cabal?


I’ll be washing me hair …


Bout time!


You’ve no hair!


This is gas, just came across this thread! Only 6 months late to the party!


Your getting quicker


Maybe not a great idea for a Spurs fan to be slagging a Gooner …


Hes prob supporting them again now they are winning.


I’d say lots of you have been served a scoop or two by myself without realising it… think @DUB09 saw me score a goal in a junior game out in peregrines once actually :joy:


What bar do you work in?