Hurling Championship 2018


It was aYellow at worst. Blindsided him. Michael Duignan wasn’t too happy about the Limerick mans "antics’. The hurling this year has been a joy to watch.


A yellow? It wasn’t even a free. If anything he Limerick lad ran into him. Crazy decision.


Did Reidy stick a hurl into a Limerick fella well after the collision.


Not based on RTE’s pictures. He was mad looking for the ball, which was put over the bar. He was then almost immediately accosted by the Limerick player.


Even the Tipperary forum says the Clare lad did nothing and the Limerick player dived.


Very poor game. Had thought Limerick would challenge.

Galway will stroll to All Ireland this year


Cork 16-16. 2nd half in Ennis is piss poor


Felt Limerick would step it up. Not so.


Score please? Cannot get to a television


21-15 to Clare 65th min

Cork 1-19 to 1-18 up 66mins - Harnedy just goaled


24-15 Clare coasting home in 68th min. 1-19 apiece in Semple 68 mins


Thanks a mill.


I do think though we have to be careful, we can’t see everything that happened, the players are in the way. It’s possible Reidy stuck the hurl in his face or neck area, and that is what the ref indicates when he sends him off… It was very strange for the Limerick guy to go down like that and leave Reidy standing on his own in there. As a strategy, it was beyond high risk.

Mind you, the umpires didn’t see it either as they were looking at the play when it happened.


Cork won 1-23 to 1-20, Clare 26-15 … Cork v Clare final


Limerick unbeaten coming into today with two wins and a draw and don’t even make the Munster final. New system sure is harsh … and very interesting …


I think it has been brilliant, only thing i’d Say is there should be a week off mid way through the group.


And a relegation play-off between bottom teams from Leinster and Munster or one team relegated from each province. A seriius flaw that relegatiin is confined to one province.


Looking at the Sunday Game, I do think there is more to that Clare sending off then meets the eye. The Limerick guy was definitely not faking his reaction. No one feigns injury, out of site of the ref, leaving a guy unattended in front of goal. The contact the camera picked up isn’t enough to cause it. I suspect there was use of the hurl of some type.


Same old Limerick, flattering to deceive. Clare badly need a Munster title, could be an epic final. But Cork are very much on the up.


The umpires were feet away. And his man was sent off. Mission accomplished. Only for his dopey teammate got the gate as well. RTÉ’s pictures showed everything. Clare lad will be completely exonerated. And rightly so.