Hurling Championship 2018


Not convinced by cork. Limerick were poor today, just seemed flat. Still think Galway are well above the standard in Munster.


You suspect! How about the evidence? He tried to shoulder the Clare lad- off the ball, and got landed on his arse. He played on afterwards, not a bother on him. No use of ice, cold spray etc was required. He is a cheat and should be banned for what he did.


Yeh I don’t see Cork winning Liam this year but this Munster Final represents maybe two things, it’s another last chance for this era of Clare talent that has probably very much underachieved since 2013 to win a first Munster title and try to push on to challenge for the All-I again. If they lose they are surely finished as any sort of credible challenge for an All-I til they have rebuilt to some extent.

As for Cork, they have passed Clare out to some extent in that last few years but were coming from a low base. They’ve shown signs of a return to the top level but still have much to prove. I feel if they win Munster again against a serious Clare team that really want the win, they will have taken another valuable step forward. If they lose but perform well they should still be a serious contender this year.


Would be great to see Clare win it. Haven’t won a Munster title since 1998.


There’s no great evidence he wasn’t injured either. I’ve never seen a guy go down with a pretend injury, off the ball, leaving a forward on his own in front of goal. As a tactic it would be crazy. I don’t know what happened, but the guy was hurt. The question is more why was he hurt, rather then was he hurt?


How exactly was he hurt? What part of him was injured? You cannot answer as no part of him was treated. End of. He feigned injury or at most got slightly winded from trying to be tough.


:joy: That’s a cracker!


Ah, it’s ‘end of’, no point discussing it so…


The reason there is no point discussing it is because you have no idea what to say next! What injury did he sustain? Nobody in Ireland knows!


I’m not sure how you can say it’s end of (the discussion) and then say I have nothing to add.

Hypothetically, if it wasn’t the end of the discussion, I might say that there are very few injuries where the TV viewer knows what they are. Like yourself, and anyone else who didn’t get a front on view of what happened (and not just from behind the players), I have no clue what happened.

If the defender was faking it, it would be the very first time I have seen a defender feign injury for an off the ball incident, with the ref not looking, leaving his man standing on his own, in front of the goal. The most likely outcome in that scenario is a goal against you, and if Clare had spotted the free man (and he was dancing up and down screaming for the ball), that is what would have happened.


Well I like evidence. The evidence suggests that he ran into the Clare player who shrugged him off and did not hit him. To me he was feigning injury. It has happened before in the GAA- believe it or not! C.F. John Mullane missing an All Ireland over a Cork player feigning injury. Check out Aidan O Mahony from Kerry in Croke Park. The practice may be more widespread than you think.


Ok, it’s a lot of points for a discussion that you declared the end of. But listen, I don’t know what happened. I haven’t seen the incident front on. You seem to take exception to my hypothesis and you have offered an alternative one. Fair enough, maybe the Limerick guy did feign injury and risk leaving his man open in front of the goal. I have completely no idea what happened. I am not sure how anyone else can be so sure either - but if people are, then fair play…


Fair call Wi-Fi.


Derek Mc Grath steppes down from Waterford tonight.

Was never fond of his tactics but he always came across as a gent and got the best out of the players


He had a mountain to climb!


Seems a likeable bloke all right.

Wonder what’s next for him ?


Back to school?


Seems a decent skin alright. Not helped by injuries this season. Waterford have the foundations of a very good team there.


Bad umpiring hurt them more.


Fair point, but they were poor enough in a couple of the other games.