Hurling Championship 2018


Ah, they were, indeed - but I just wonder if they’d have beaten Tipp how things may have subsequently transpired.


There was talk on here last year about him taking a job in Croker…


Met him a while back - sound bloke I have to say.



So in all the bluster about the venue, it has got a bit lost that both the provincial finals are on this weekend.

Munster GAA Hurling Senior Championship
Sun, Jul 1,14:00 - Thurles
Clare v Cork

Leinster GAA Hurling Senior Championship
Sun, Jul 1, 16:00 - Croke Park
Kilkenny v Galway

Also the McDonagh Cup Final in Croke Park before the Leinster final.

Joe McDonagh Cup Final
Sun, Jul 1, 13:45 - Croke Park
Carlow v Westmeath


Should be three good games. Impossible to call the Munster final, both teams have blown hot and cold in the munster championship. Both teams running up big enough scores like 1-24/25 etc.

Think Galway will win the Leinster final comfortably enough barring conceding a few goals.

Carlow slightly ahead in the McDonagh? Seem to have run up big scores in the last few games including a 3-21 to 1-21 win over Westmeath.


Ger lough has me rooting for clare now. Didn’t realize they have so few minster titles. Only 4 in 100 years.


You were going to shout for Cork?

Wash your mouth out with coddle.


For the day that’s in it.

Semple really was a kip pre Centenary year All-Ireland upgrade.

1970’s fashions should never be revisited. Remember they tried to get flares back in? Mid-late 90’s, was it?


Pitch looks shocking .


Good choice of jersey colour by James McGrath for the Munster final!!! Must be keen to show off his tan!!!


Been the hottest part of the country all week. Likely they couldn’t use too much water on it either.


The ground will be nice and firim.

I think (I could be wrong) a massive water storage tank was put in under Hill 16 when it was rebuilt in 1988. If so, was it retained in the newly developed Hill? Croke Park pitch always looks verdant.


Jesus no, I was going to be neutral


Clare motoring well


Conlon roasting cork fullback. Great run by kelly for the goal.


Ht can’t come soon enough for Cork.
Lovely response there


Loughnane very modest for change. Kept referring as Anthony Daly team when it was himself that was manager for 3 Munster titles-95,97&98.


John Conlon having the game of his life. Tony Kelly bar setting up the goal not in the game.


It’s a most enjoyable affair.