Hurling Championship 2018


Cork right back in this now.


They weren’t long wiping out that 8 point lead


A lot of smaller players on both these teams.


Marty thinks every score is incredible


Some of Clare’s passing is woeful


Not to mention their shot selection this half.


All level


Great goal from Harnedy


Clare absolutely falling apart


Thurles is sand based so drains quickly but means that at the moment it can be parched.

Croke park draws from the canal. Dublin corporation does too to water all the hanging baskets and flowers around the city.


8 up to 4 down , terrible stuff .


Dreadful stuff from Clare the whole second half. It’s like the first half sapped them completely. 2-16 to 0-9 to Cork since Clare got their second goal. Cork deserved winners.


Harnedy has been class


Clare have only themselves to blame. If Charles Babbage is out there, I am sure he will agree that Tony Kelly was very poor. Also Conlon would have won the game for them but they stopped giving him the ball.


Kelly was anonymous other then the run for the goal.


Now. Galway by 8?


So Ger Canning is in Russia then

Who’s that commentating for RTE ?


He sounds like the fellow usually on tg4 - I’m not sure whether he’s commentating in english or as gaelge




Pafraic Walsh with two good fetches.