Hurling Championship 2018


Wides killing kilkenny


Good he can stay over there :slight_smile:


Galway acting the goat here. Stupid stuff.


Like they have the game won


Standard of attacking play is desperate. Galway look like a team that expected to win handy.


Basic errors by both sides


Very poor game. You’d think Cork would beat either one pulling up based on today.


We’ll See if Galway wake up second half.


Galway could be done for match fixing. They are not trying.


Lads , what’s the purpose of forwards putting their hurls up in the air before every puckout ?
Seen it for years , is it an instruction or something ?


Makes it harder for keeper to pick out a player behind the forward.


This has picked up a bit


It’s a poor game this. Galway playing in 2nd gear will win by 7/8 in the end. KK have nothing up front. Reid barely getting a touch.


Not for the first time this year.


After two good provincial group stages the two finals today have been at times very ordinary.


Nice to win a provincial title but today’s losers are still in it.


Fuckin’ Kilkenny.

Never dead.

Jesus !


No extra time?

Absolutely daft stuff.


In that heat?

No. It’s not.


I’d say pat gilroy will be encouraged by today, the standard in both matches is hardly unattainable … with a bit of improvement.