Hurling Championship 2018


Don’t think we can use the Leinster final as a standard really. Very poor game


When’s the replay ? (Presume it’s back at Croker)


Concert in Croke Park next weekend which is a joke.


Playing the Provincial final in Munster ffs.


You’re right. It should be played in Salthill!


The heat had nothing to do with it. No extra time was scheduled for either provincial final. So they play again for the fourth time this year next week. And that may not be the last of it. Clubs also likely to be affected in both counties. Silly stuff.


All that happened is that Kilkenny dragged Galway down to their level. Hooking. Blocking. Attrition. Etc. Galway will hammer them in the replay.


So the Leinster Final replay featuring a Leinster team against a team from Connaught will be played in Munster because someone is singing in Croke Park…insane.
Why didn’t the CCCC phone Kildare and see if Newbridge was available?


Could this not be played in Portlaoise ?

Will Semple even go near selling out


Waterford weren’t allowed play their home games in Nowlan Park for Munster championship because it was Leinster venue? Why do GAA continue to organise concerts in prime part of championship season. Hope GAA are called out on this.


Won’t be holding my breath in relation to a certain Brazil based journo saying anything. Despite his grassroots revolution article in the Sindo


Apparently there were more than 40,000 there today. If it’s a neutral venue does it really matter where it is? Neither county seems bothered and it certainly suits their supporters better. But supporters seem to be well down the list of who needs to be pleased this week.


Fixed that …


What is the story with Hawkeye. I was always under the impression it was used to clear up if a ball was a wide or score that went left or right of either post that the umpires were in doubt about. What was the purpose of using it yesterday when the Galway shot was clearly on target


Keeper saved it after it had gone over crossbar. Hawkeye was checked to confirm.


So he didn’t save it? :wink:


He thought he had ye smart*****! :grinning:


Hawkeye had the ball gone way over the bar compared to the distance the ball travelled. I presume Hawkeye is just the projected distance the ball travels without interruption?

I didn’t see any replay of the shot in the ground but I presume tv replays confirmed it was over


It had a red and white line to show the line of the ball. I presumed where the red turned to white was where the ball was stopped?


I’m not sure about that call. I didn’t think Hawkeye was set up to measure on that axis. If it can tell that, why couldn’t it be used for the non goal against Waterford. It’s the same thing, just lower down.

Maybe the different colour lines indicate it can, but as @sneakersotoole says, the line indication was much further then the ball could possibly have gone. I suspect it got the answer to a different question then it was asked.