Hurling Championship 2018


I reckon Hawkeye only measures the trajectory of the ball between the uprights. It could not measure what it was asked to do yesterday, i.e. did the ball pass beyond the posts. Otherwise as you say it could be used for goals but of course it isn’t.


That is exactly what it does for every shot - beyond and in between!!!


If it can measure that the ball has crossed the end line , why is it not used for goals ?


In time it probably will. Technology is there already in soccer.


But above you mention it is already there in GAA too.

You could well be correct, but I never did hear of it’s ability to measure beyond the line before.


Would it be able to rule on whether a player properly grounded the ball? Thinking big Joe here …


i had always assumed the ball int he hawkeye stopped where it crossed the plane of the goalline.

Not sure why it doesn’t work for goals, might need another configuration to deal with the crossbar and netting.


That was my assumption too. I wasn’t aware it could work on the Z plane so to speak. I am still slightly suspicious it answered the wrong question, i.e. it was asked did the ball pass the crossbar and it answered that, yes, it passed between the two uprights.


This is Corks AI to lose now. They have the momentum and the confidence (a bit like Dubs in footballers) and they have the forwards to frighten any defence.

Yes you may say tougher tighter defences await but Cork in a semi final are hard to beat. I fancy them to go all the way.

Harnedy is immense.


Not so sure, Killenny turned the Leinster final into a scrappy one but cork have a lot of smaller players. Think Galway could ate them.


Galway won’t ate Cork. Cork will burn them in Croke Park


Hawk-Eye uses four high speed cameras at each end to locate the position of the ball up to 26 metres above the posts and 4 metres outside each post.

Hawk-Eye will not be used for goals. The GAA’s head of media relations Alan Milton pointed out research by the association had revealed that Hawk-Eye technology would not have clarified any goal situation in the last three years.

Milton also said that Using Hawk-Eye for goals ‘would have involved numerous more cameras, and of course futher financial investment. We would have found that very hard to stand over. It is not cheap technology in any shape or form.’

(from 2013)


Galway will ate Cork if they meet


That sounds familiar alright, thanks!


In their liathroidi they will. Where were you exiled from?


Without salt


Good info. But norhing really says it can measure if the ball crosssed the line. We know it can do inside and outside the post, but can it measure on the other plane.

The above quote from Alan Milton sort of suggests they didn’t put that facility in place.


Perhaps: “Ball position triangulated using 4 cameras covering each end” ???


Which Dublin club are you linked with? Or which Donegal Club?


They need to triangulate the ball position to know if it is inside or outside the posts, that is a given. But that is different then saying it crossed the line. If it can’t tell if a ball crossed the line for a goal six inches lower, how can it tell it crossed the line for a point. The quote above explicitly says they didn’t spend the money to achieve this.

It may well be able, but to the best of my knowledge that is the first time it has been used for this.