Hurling Championship 2018


Not a prayer of that happening. If they do end up
meeting and I have my doubts about Galway being honest, Cork will beat them.


who dont they use the “point detection system (not hawk eye honest)!!” which they have in cork. Must be a lot cheaper as Barry from LocalVision stuck it in.


Should be a handy win for Wexford?


Also easy win for limerick v Carlow. Not sure about this element of the structure. Hopefully the mcDonagh teams can keep in the game for a respectable period.


It’s totally daft. You’d nearly be better off taking this route in one way if you were Offaly!


Ah it gives the McDonagh added significance.


It’s Barmey though, what the round robins have proven is how good hurling Ian when equally matched teams play each other. These could both be over after 10 minutes.


Who’s Ian?


I Hate typing on my phone. :grimacing:


He still misses the very reverend Dr so much, it slips into his posts now and again!


Message just in from Ian. ‘Leave ir ou !’


It gives Tier 2 teams a chance at All-Ireland (Liam McCarthy) glory every year.
Ok, so we know that neither Carlow nor Westmeath will win today, nevermind the All-Ireland. But offering this outlet might be the one clause that gives us tiered championships in football.


No real issue with that, but in theory (very unlikely to ever happen) you could win the all Ireland and still be in tier 2 the following year. Similar to the league where you can win the league and be in the 1B the year after!


Promote both Tier 2 finalists and relegate 2 teams from Sam.


Yea should work better in the football alright!


Can KK bring it again today? Fancy Galway to push on myself as most others do but Cody has certainly gotten a lot out of this group of players again.


Any changes to last weeks teams?


And this coming from a prat who wouldn’t wear boots cus they were hurting him!!!


Think Galway will respond this week

#361 and Babs Keating? No thanks. (Though I agree, Keating is a prat).