Hurling Championship 2018


Eibhlin Ni Choisdealbha is a total ride! A Dublinism and a fact too! Bhi me ar semi at feachaint ar an Nuacht! (Sorry mods- the heat is at me!)


The newsreader just there? Hottie alright.


Here’s the man giving out about comments on Clare Daly’s appearance yesterday!!! :hugs:


Loughnane defending the steps :laughing:


Ahhh heee- or! Compliments are allowed!!! :rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::sunglasses::sunglasses:


Fortunate goal there for KK , reduce it to 5 points


Total fluke - kk edging back into this.


4 points now…


Ffs, this is some collapse




10 steps for that goal.


A bit of daylight now between them .


Some save !


great save but poorly struck shot


Galway very much deserved that. Two fluke goals kept kk in it.


Good win by Galway, they look like they can go all the way again this year. Can someone please tell me why are Kilkenny players allows different coloured socks, some wear black socks , some wear yellow and some wear the ‘bumble bee’ ones.


'Cause it’s not soccer.


Ah don’t be a bleedin stockin! (©Dublinisms)


So the Indo writes an article about an article that Keating did in the Irish Sun. Who pays these people?


There goes his Semi…