Hurling championship revamp


So no need for a Leinster hurling draw next year? We will play Galway, Wexford, Offaly, KK in a round robin?


What happens Westmeath Laois Carlow in this set up?

Also a minimum of 4 games as opposed to a minimum of 2 at present, how does this benefit clubs?


It doesn’t. Directly the opposite. The entire year up to the beginning of September is now the domain of inter county.

Shameful stuff. Cork, KK and Tipp, the holders of so many All Irelands, spoke against. So did we. So did Waterford. Clare, Limerick and Wexford kept their powder dry. Only Galway spoke in favour. Incredible that five of the ten strongest counties can be against this and have it imposed on them.

A truly dreadful day for clubs in those counties.


So it’s like having two leagues next year. This is a very bad day for club people and players.


The only way this made sense was to merge league and championship. I expect We’ll get there eventually.


This is the start of it . Gaa not very radical as we know. A single inter county competition would be sensible . The 2 conferences of 5 with everyone playing each other I.e 9 matches. Winners into all Ireland final. Maybe 2-3 pre season games essentially 12 games max at inter county level. Could be run off over 16 weeks. Club championship could precede it . No over lapping of competitions.


I think this will ensure they’ll never play with their clubs . Absolute madness .


Not radical?

This has basically told the clubs to go ■■■■ themselves until September.

It’s beyond radical. It’s a revolution.


It’s radical alright. Just not terribly logical.


If you read my post properly I did nt say this particular format was good . I think a condensed inter county calendar would be the ideal way forward. This freeing up the rest of the year for the clubs. And the gaa is not a radical organisation.


I did nt say it was radical and I was agreeing with your post about merging league and championship being the sensible thing to do. This is the start of merging the 2 competitions I think. They ll get there eventually.


Yep i gottcha


19 extra inter county championship games next year across both codes. But it’s not about money. And it won’t affect clubs.

O’Fearghaill will go down as one of the worst GAA Presidents in history.


they are selling it on the basis that “April” and “september” will be clear for club games only. I used the “” because terms and conditions will apply - the league will not be finished in March, the all ireland may roll into September with replays and will perhaps have to start at the end of April for football in Leinster Ulster and probably Connaught.

so this means one extra week of championship matches for clubs in April? Then we have “all of September” which is bullshit anyway as there logically should only be all Ireland finalists who cant play most of September anyway.


been predicting this for years and I think it will happen very slowly.

the problem is that without realising it division 1 hurling and football has become better than most of the championship, which is probably one of the reasons behind the super 8’s - to redress the imbalance in having so many great games in March and wastes of time in August.


The Dublin hurlers were knocked out on July 08 and there was no champiaonship till sept anyway. So many hongs could be better organized all round.




ah but you are wandering into the land of excuses there - some club has a lad at intermediate, the minors, under 21’s, dual players in all those grades, I’ve heard them all as reasons why you cant get the club championship (here in football mostly) up and running as soon as the county is out.

its everywhere - you will be hearing of club finals now in the next few weeks in counties who have had nothing going on intercounty since june at any grade.


The sooner we move to a separate county and club model the sooner club players get their lives back
Sports change over time . Structures change too. But the GAA still hangs onto a model that is a hundred years old
Club players could then plan their lives . It’s nonsensical to expect at this point that grounds that have cost millions are going to be left dotted as white elephants around the country with less games to fill them to allow the clubs more games
You tackle the issue at hand and the issue is the unavailability of county players . Play the games without them
Problem solved


Controversial as ever Bart! :yum: