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"Studies in rugby reveal that home advantage is worth seven to twelve points - or close to a certain win when Munster play in Thomond Park - and in football, mathematical equations have been designed that find it worth somewhere between a goal and two, depending on a range of factors including attendance and a team’s style of play.

But in GAA, for some reason, it doesn’t seem to be recognised much at all."

I wonder how much will this be worth to Kildare tomorrow :thinking:


Oh oh dubby niner needs a nudge


No no - we need to keep repeating this. Every poster here should be saying this and variations of this at every opportunity, it should be like an electronic signature because

  1. it is the truth
  2. people need to be reminded of the truth, and
  3. it’s a really nice thing to say.

It’s such a joy to watch the best team that ever played Gaelic Football … ever.


This shit sells papers,let them say what they want, we’ve 5 All Irelands in the bag.


Exactly - only in the GAA would you have such a complicated/convoluted group stage. It’s real design by committeeeeeEEeee stuff. Where everyone puts their oar in and you end up with a bit of a mess. Every other sport plays group games home & away. There’s a simple reason for this. It’s fair. This super 8 format is a stepping stone anyways - think eventually we’re going to have a tiered championship and hopefully the championship will become a true league championship (absorbing the NFL), where the time teams just play each other home and away. It’d revitalise the season.


Didnt have the time to sort the threads after all my talk, work went mad and now i’m too lazy.


That’s it lad - you’re FIRED!


They can’t claim to be the greatest team ever until they have beaten Kerry by 2-17 to 0-11.


That may never happen.


Every other Dublin team plays championship games at Parnell pk so it is the county ground. My issue is that when the gaa struggles , Dublin in Croker was the glamour event to compete v the national teams in soccer and rugby when they are prospering. Everyone was cool with that. Kildare had no objections in the 90s when Micko arrived to take us on. They couldn’t get enough of us in Croker then. Dublin crowds have given gaa the money and glamour to compete with soccer and rugby in Ireland. An 82,000 stadium would never be built or needed otherwise.


And dublin will continue to play most of their games in Croke Park. People giving journalists way more credit than they’re due. Tomorrow night is already backfiring on them with the sheer numbers of people who can’t get a ticket. That won’t happen again. And rightly so.


Exactly. So the “GAA only care about money” whinge is not long becoming a “I can’t get a ticket” whinge. Which is why they selected Croke Park in the first place :grimacing::roll_eyes:


A narrow narrative has been formed about Dublin senior footballers in Croke Park. The main gaa competitions at inter county or club have never had a home and away basis to them. Tenuous agreements on venues or neutral venues in theory have been the accepted format. Not disagreeing with you or anyone really just think the co board should respond to the idea that Dublin and hq are a cozy duo stitching it up between them.


If this shit keeps up we should suggest GAA go back to straight knockout championship , no back door, no qualifiers, no super 8. Let’s go to Carlow or Portlaoise or Tullamore or Navan for the first rounds of the Leinster chmp. Then into Croker for the Leinster Final, the All Ireland Semi and then the final. Reading the Summers gone by thread brought back fantastic memories of trips down to the sticks in the 70’s/80’s. Uncomplicated back then. Back then the only place we could have played Donegal was Croker. It’s only in Ireland that the likes of Kildare and Donegal are reluctant to show how good they are in one of the finest stadiums in Europe in front of a huge crowd. When we were losing to the world and his wife for the best part of 25 years everyone wanted to play us in Croker. Most of the rule changes in the last few years are designed to rein us in, the mark, kicks off being slowed down, etc, . Never happened during the reign of the KOTF. I wonder why ?



But he’s got a quare whrishty name though, so he must be right.


Cause they play the pure game and no matter how great Dublin are or will have been you can guarantee your house etc on one thing that you will hear when Kerry next beat us and/or win Sam - “pure football, real football the way its meant to be played is back at last and all is well with the world.”


If you care to listen and seek offence, you may find a handful of “media” say this. If Kerry do beat us in the next year or two, it’ll be hard earned and I’ll tip my hat to them.


95% of us will but nonetheless that’s what we’ll be hearing and reading. The proper order has been restored and all that.


I won’t be a in a rush to tip me hat of to Kerry ■■■■ that.


It’s just a distraction while I rob their wallets and piss on their shoes.