Internet & GAA Trolls


Yeah that’s what I mean its a well know phrase, to be a journalist I would have thought a basic command of english language.

Says it all about his support of his county, in one of the brightest moments they’ve had in a number of years he chooses to give the fingers to others… maybe he should go back to interfering with his dog.


leave the dog out of it it’s enjoying it’s reach around.


Spewster is simply doing a poor midnight cowboys version of Trump-think, just keep saying what you want til it sticks and keep denying or ignoring everything else. Make your own warped reality real and bring along a load of lost sheep with you. Like Hector just LET YOURSELF GOOOO! Local hero


Looks like he’s more into pugs than sheep


thank god that gimp barred me I pity the dog


What McKenna has copped onto is very Donald Trump which is to just keep saying the same two word soundbite all the time. Trump says crooked Hillary of someone who has been investigated and testified for hours on end on live TV in congress and not one charge against her.

Likewise you can like Clinton give hours of fects and testimony refuting McKenna. He will shruf his shoulders and say financial doping the next day and the merry go round wheels on.

I’m still waiting for him to show me the inaccuracies he says were in my post last year.

Like Trump supporters McKenna’s supporters only want the slogan, not the facts.

What you need is to get the alternative narrative out there by using a similar tactic, the large hospital one is good. You can’t run a large hospital on the money required for a small hospital.


Good post. I had a skim through his posts yesterday and his followers where dublin next Ewan. Can’t see anyone challenging this gobshite this will rumble on till we are well embedded in the chasing pack a d then it will be sneery articles like he used to write about us pre 2011.


■■■■■■■■■■■■■: Kildare struck a blow for the grassroots, but the next battle is fast approaching
This is the headline the cunning stunt from the fevalas has for his piece in the sindo , i wouldn’t even copy and paste it , but it involves getting us out of croker.


I’ll say it again - this guy is fucking laughed at by HQ - laughed at - and rightly so. People here give a currency to a gobshite who doesn’t even live in the country and has a handful of muppet followers. Jaysus will ye get a grip.


He a fucking c##t of the highest order.He gets a free pass on national newspapers and radio stations to peddle his hatred of dublin , and it seems no one allowed to to challenge him one on one about his agenda .
I sent matt cooper a tweet about asking him the next time he was on his show to ask him about the tweet he liked about johnny cooper getting slashed in the face , did he respond ?, did he fook !!!


They really should have someone to argue the toss with him, remember Sean kelly putting him in his place quite robustly one time. Other then that he really Is an irrelevance.

The GAA do need more logical competition structures though. One home, one away and one Croke Park? Bizarre. Just have home & away like the hurling.


This is true. I have been in contact with people in DCB and CP. They ignore him. There is a lot to be said for it when you consider that he is regarded by many as just being a crank, and his rants about how the GAA try to silence him fatally undermine his argument.

I will do a proper blog post about this and we will see if he wants to debate it but anyone who digs into it sees fairly quickly there really is no story here apart from Ill informed begrudgery.

The important thing is remember is this - unlike McKenna the GAA KNOW where their money goes and why it goes there. They literally have the truth at the touch of a button. Given they are also the ones who make the decisions you can see why they shrug their shoulders at him.

Two other reassuring points. If there was an actual unfairness at work where are the motions from clubs and counties at Congress?

If the sports council’s grant was being misused where is the public accounts committee report saying that?

Both points ive put to McKenna both times he probably just forgot to get back to me on.

Again for every cherry picked stst he has there is an explanation but as they say if you’re explaining you’re losing. While you’re spending hundreds or thousands of words refuting he is off somewhere else saying financial doping and the believers have all they need.


Ask him why Kildare under age clubs annually apply to play in dublin leagues even though there’s no money in it for them :wink:


Why are Louth with two massive towns such a failure at intercounty?

Why was DCB a disaster till ten years ago?

Why can Mayo get to all Ireland’s so often?

The answer is always the county board.


I read yer man’s article - by the end of next week let’s do a count how many articles, podcasts and radio shows run with this narrative. McKenna to be on at least 60% percent of them. He might be plonker and some say he is best ignored but he now has his story and he will run with it. Possibly pay his mortgage for the year on the back of it.


He lives in the favalas , he doesn’t need one !!!


Probably doing a disservice to people living in the favalas , all.of them through no fault of their own are forced to live in conditions we in a first world country coundnt even begin to imagine, but he is some cunning stunt , wonder will he get over to see the plaque in honour of him getting the game played in conleths unveiled in Newbridge.


Ewen should be enjoying Kildare biggest win since winning Leinster in 2000.Cant be healthy for him obsessing about Dublin GAA.


Why would he enjoy it? He hates sport.


Spewan hates life fullstop. One of the most miserable individuals around. Can’t even enjoy Kildare’s magnificant win yesterday, without making it be all about Dublin, yet again. He makes Paul Kimmage looks like Mary bleedin’ Poppins. At least PK was a professional athlete for a time and has suffered hugely (in his current profession) at the hands of the doping brigade. He has good reason to be angry and miserable all the time. Even if we stumble somewhat unfairly into his sights every so often, I try to cut him some slack.

But Spewan…Jesus…what’s his excuse?