Internet & GAA Trolls


He humps pugs?


Which one is the dog?


The udder one?


He doped too. Don’t really buy into the poor me routine he does about it. He cheated and then made money off the back of that cheating.


I’m confused. I thought his whole thing was that Dublin get too much from the GAA. That tweet suggests it is the GAA that takes from Dublin. :thinking:


I’m getting ‘Can not retrieve Tweet’ there

Did he do a Johnny Cooper repeat jobbie & delete it upon “mature reflection” ? :roll_eyes:


The image will always be here…


Of the reach around?

No thanks !

:face_vomiting: :face_vomiting: :face_vomiting:





Awful pity this couldn’t be sent to all mainstream media which the fucker writes for for them to see how juvenile and toxic he is.


As if they don’t already know or care


Theyd probably agree with him


Obviously a pisshead who tweets when drunk


Yeah he genuinely seems that way. The amount of stupid stuff he has tweeted that he has had to delete is incredible.


Ah get up to date on the conspiracy!

The GAA do everything they can to please Dublin to keep Dublin with its big support and big money creating money for the GAA. Which the GAA then gives back to them!!!

In reality we know that the GAA milk us for money but there it is not a sweetheart deal. First match with floodlights in CP? The dubs. 125 celebrations? The dubs. Want full houses till we can sell out for all Ireland’s? The dubs. Then they can go ■■■■.

There is an offshoot theory that everyone else is subsidising Dublin GAA and simultaneously Dublin GAA is being used for their money in Leinster…


Ewan never looks at genuine deep rooted GAA issues. I’m looking forward to his article this week on a Leinster final with Galway in it being played in thurles.

Oddly can’t remember any articles of his complaining about Kildare playing all those matches in croke park in the 90s 00s or actually till this week…


Totally agree. I’m all for giving a repentant sinner a second chance in life. But allowing him to appoint himself the moral guardian of all sports?


There are plenty of deleted hindsight tweets out there anyway if you search long and hard enough for them…


We know. But don’t you just love it when our favourite lillywhite drops his so called whiter than white mask for a moment or two?