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They talk about football in a cork forum?


Some comedy gold there. Poor @ExiledKing must have had the Wi-Fi password taken off him by the parents because he was lurking here before the weekend without posting but hasn’t been on since then surprisingly enough.


Not surprisingly , they talk more about us than their own team…


We talk more about absolute crap in the media than our own team.


Poor guy can’t even plamas and patronise Cork gaa people after Sunday.


Sorry to put him in here cause I like him but this is what my old Business Studies teacher from Kerry would define as “cribbin’”


Good auld deflection from Tomas.


So back door and now super 8 are perceived to make the strong stronger so he wants the the strongest teams (in most cases provincial winners) to have a reward of playing the first game at home - If that was the case and Dublin Donegal Kerry and Galway all had wins after round 1 - there would be even more doom and gloom around the elitist super 8’s


They just don’t like it up ‘em. Please God another long bleak winter down the south west … starting this weekend.


Had Kerry won at the weekend I doubt we would have seen that tweet. Is Thomas coming under pressure to cheerlead more overtly for the yerras’? ( just throw in hard done by Donegal and Galway to give the impression of impartiality ).


I see the Bomber was tweeting about no of steps for Scully first goal. RTE camera man was keeping a close eye on him Sunday.


No mention from bomber geaney touching the ball on the ground and rolling it to Clifford? Must not of seen it… der bomber, because him been an impartial ‘give this weeks article over the phone’ pundit would surely call that out.


In fairness the way the fixtures are this year is tough on the likes of Donegal with their home game last on the list. Even if the provincial champions got one of the first two games at home it would balance it out a bit without even starting to address the Croke park vs neutral venue debate.


There is and was no debate. The neutral venue was a fabrication of Donegal’s imagination. The proposal was very clear when it was announced over a year ago, it was then voted on and accepted as Croke Park by a majority of county board representatives, including 2 Donegal reps.


The venues are deliberately chosen so that the provincial winners play away second and home last, Croke Park first. This is to help the qualifier teams.

Then again, it’s supposed to be switched around next year.

Of course, playing in Croke Park has ALWAYS been the next match for provincial winners and it’s never bothered Kerry or tomas before…


And if they lost it they were out so they should be thankful for small mercies but they’re not … the miserable shower of baxteds …


I’m not saying that there was any debate about this year’s fixtures, it was always a Croke park game, simply pointing out that as they were arranged it didn’t offer any advantage to the provincial champions by giving them their home game last, and I can see their point. In a 3 game league a winning start is huge and generally speaking a home game offers a better chance to achieve that.


what i love about it is this whitewash which has happened over the weekend that “donegal” never complained about having to play that match in croke park.


I know what you’re saying but there was a ‘debate’ … in the lead up to Round 1 it’s all that was talked about. It was an opportunistic cheap shot by Donegal and all the other bandwagoners. Donegal and all the other counties all signed up to the Super 8 format, there was no surprise game in Croke Park … it was published as such last winter…

I’m not having a go at you, it just p1ssed me off how the usual suspects in the media jumped on board the whole issue without bothering to examine the full facts.


from gaa board dot com


often wondered are the Dubs doping?? Its plausible! They missed a test once or twice didnt they? But I suppose anyone can miss test - its happened to some of the best sports stars in the world - Mo Farah - Bradley Wiggans etc.

disgraceful stuff. how can this be allowed to stay up for over a day?