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I mean yous are C&W.


Ha! That’s him…the wee man from Strabane.

I hear ye…he’s that bad that sometimes it’s funny, especially when he loses it and sings along.


That could be the Donegal league game…red cards, black cards and a pile of yellows…



Oh go on then…for the day that is in it…altogether now…ole ole ole ole…


Brilliant sketch. My favourite bit is the ‘mammy’ ‘sliding’ along in the background from one side to the other, old-school genius.



Enjoyed that :blush:. God I remember we had high hopes for Stephen O’Shaughnessy.


A hell of a man. Treated very badly by some in Dublin, including lads still dining out on 1995 because they’ve done nothing since.

78 years old and out with Vinnies Senior hurlers this year.

Hell of a man.


I met Mickey Whelan at the Dub Stars back in 2011. I went over to him to ask for a photo and to say how grateful as a Dublin Supporter I was to him and Pat and the team. i suddenly got interrupted by Des Cahill and he dragged Mickey over to meet someone from the Indo. Anyway about ten minuted later I get a tap on the shoulder, it was Mickey asking did I still want the photo. Couldn’t believe it. The man is a giant amongst men imo.


It’s a good read.

Of course the knuckle draggers out there will talk about money and meals on wheels etc and totally miss the point.


Good interview , lets Whelan tell the stories .


Looking after Alfie Byrne now I fink


The single contribution of obsessed, visionary pioneers like Heffo, and MW, amongst others (Costello) cannot be over-estimated. It’s a relief that some of it seemed to get passed on to people like Giller & Gavin. Because how do you replace such people?
When I read Hayes’ biography of Heffo, it was incredible to read of the obsessive dedication people like him & Dessie Ferguson gave for ‘the cause’ of parish, club & county. Something in itself that has passed on to the many who volunteer their efforts down the years and now ongoing, heroes all.


Did Alfie Byrne not die years and years ago?


Whelan was ahead of his time with training methods in 1996/97. It seemed to be his man management that went against him. Fair play he was came back with Gilroy and proved to be a big influence.


He did make some strange calls back in '96 like bringing back Joe mcNally and leaving out Paul Clarke but yea, he was ahead of his game and most of the players he took on board in 96 were passed it and full of ego by then with not much young talent behind them.

Looking back, John O Leary devoting a whole chapter of his book to “mickey whelan and me” is fairly cringeworthy. and makes O Leary look bad more than anything.


Could the argument be made that Whelan was/is a great trainer/coach but not as good a manager?


For those of you who can’t bring themselves to read the Indo :smile:


He brings up Declan O’Sullivan taken out in 2011. O’Sullivan could have been sent off after 10 minutes. Yellow carded along with Rory for off the ball incident. Elbowed Kevin Nolan into head moments before that.