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Fogarty is simply a shitbag. Worst of the lot of them.


:joy::joy::joy::joy: this is Arsene Wenger levels of cracking up. Love it


Fogarty is so up to his gob in Kingdom insider propoganda I worry for him.

‘Fitzy’ still going on about 6 years ago says alot about the core KOTF mentality, pretty much unchanged since the paranoia set in after Tyrone beat them in 2005, and then worse again after 2008. You only have to look at the madness that set in around the Galvin suspensions, and the ongoing ever-growing insanity about referees



Keyes article about ‘Ditzy Vs Curran’ says it all about where the balance of propaganda in the media lies right now. Paulo really should’ve kept the gob shut I feel. Anyway, bring it on


Ah now hold on, is that fair on shitbags? :laughing:


He has 9 likes on his Twitter for that piece of horse sh1t. Such a large readership … Aido’s Diary gets more …


And it is more in the real world than anything from Fogarty and Keys.


Ml Quirke’s column not available online unless you register. Should be available later today though, same with Fogarty’s pieces


Oh I can’t wait for for Our Man in Havana Fogarty. Not. Though I do get an impression that that there is a sigh of relief from the media, or more so a giddy / sneery calmness now that we have been knocked of our perch. Personally I think that is good for us. Heat is off. As Oisin McConville said maybe we have poked the bear. I dont believe this to be true but at least the ‘narrative’ has changed. Now to drop currnaner an email to dún di bhéal! The only thing I wont do is read that muck savage Billy The Goats dog shite wiping piece.


Lee Keegan doing the victim role … again…


i think you’re being a bit unfair to Leeroy there to be honest. If you read his comments he’s not really playing the victim. Seems to me more like the ‘journalist’ and sub-editor doing a bit of a spin on his comments. Particularly the sub-editor with the headline.


I think he’s a smart guy and knows what that journalist wants him to say , and hiw what he says can be used- so he says enough to edge him in a direction . I think Keegan could also say that it has been done to death at this stage and his focus is on 2017 series. He can be open at times, in interviews, and thats good, it reflects well on him.


Surprised John our man in Havana fogarty didn’t write that.


Do they ever give up? The neck of them now claiming we had a campaign when they+their other Kerry media mouthpieces have had a campaign against us for the last 2 or 3 years. And Keegan won his gong, showing how unsuccessful the ‘campaign’ was. I’m going to stop reading these rags



It’s behind their paywall and I’m too lazy to sign up for it so what’s the gist of it the eagle poisoners are cynical bastards?


No, the Yerras got a result in altering the narrative but the game itself at the level the top teams play it , is deeply cynical .