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Had a look at that , he declares an interest in that he was involved at some stage with Mayo. There’s another article by John Fogarty on Cluxton but it’s not available to link yet - you have to sign in etc . Coughlan makes some points about unstructured play and players intelligence , but does not emphasise the importance of skills , whether they be ability to kick off both feet, pace fielding etc .


That he was involved (under Horan I assume) and cannot see what they are attempting is interesting. Possibly a slight dig at Rochford?

On skills versus game/ player intelligence, I think Dublin and Kerry are and have more skilled players than Mayo but they also have that cuteness, which Mayo lack.

Is it a paywall or merely a registration job? The Examiner does some good stuff, sport and current affairs.


Mayo’s sensational performers??? In all fairness, how many are there after Leeroy?


It’s a registration only , not s paywall . Should be available in a day or so.


Fogarty’s article on S Cluxton not available yet.


An nowhere in the article does Jim Gavin utter the words mentioned in the headline. Pure clickbait from the Examiner.


Gavin said: “I just think they have to have a look at the schedule. It’s a stadium built for Gaelic games, first and foremost. That has to be the priority. That’s for Croke Park to reflect on, to impart management and leadership within the GAA, to say what’s right for the games.”


I hope the hawk eye in Croker works better than the one here! :hushed:


Ha Ha, I was too busy being p1ssed off at not seeing it that I didn’t see it! :blush:


Here we go…


I love this snippet.

Speaking after last year’s game, Éamonn Fitzmaurice said: “I’m going to bite my lip on it, I’ll leave it. I’d prefer not to say anything, look ye saw it yourselves, you are all smart guys and can make up your own mind. I don’t want that to be the story, to be honest.”

Yes, Eamon, don’t say anything about how you feel but say everything about how you feel at the same time


FFS - it gets worse… a sitting Yerra TD and former Kerry footballer basically calls for payment… to a single player. Imagine the uproar if Tony Hanahoe or Mickey Whelan called for a Dublin player to be paid to remain in Ireland.

I hope Clifford does stay. I hope, as some suggested, he is offered a scholarship and suitable employment to remain in Ireland. But don’t have one rule for a certain player or county and another rule for everyone else.


From what I saw in the colleges when I worked there , the scholarship GAA players have their kit/togs on most days of the week between college teams and then club and county commitments . It’s relentless . IT Tralee could offer scholarship but he’d have to apply for it and be awarded it , so it would be open to scrutiny , UCC or UCK as they are sometimes called in Sigerson competition can offer better scholarships but he’ll be playing and training with a bigger and better squad at college than ITT. I’m neutral on whether he goes or stays - it’s up to the kid .


Yes, you’re right, it is entirely up to him. He would be a terrible loss to the game, however.


Fully agree - he would be a loss to game here .


With Gough getting the replay he wont get the AI final. I make it Brannigan or Neilan to get the final. Gough is a very good referee and deserves a final.


Either would be the incorrect call. Coldrick or Gough the only ones up to it for me. Poor decision making from the powers that be giving them both semi finals.


Christ do de Gaurdians ever stop moaning … Very clever but ref on sat is gonna have a serious pressure in de back of his mind … Whether he got dat call rite or wrong by admitting it was wrong it seems like a veiled apology … If it’s a tight game goin into last few mins will be v interesting to see how he acts


Well didn’t Tadhg Kennelly and Pat O’ Shea get ‘coaching’ gigs which allowed them concentrate on football. Did Jack O’ Connor get a paid sub to take his afternoon classes when he was Kerry manager too? So getting paid via the back door would be nothing new there. At least Deenihan lost his Dáil seat in the last election.


they need not worry. mayo supporters belive he is a bad choice because he will want to even things for kerry after our semi final last year…