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I’ve no problems with former/current players getting coaching jobs in schools and clubs. I think it’s a great promotional tool as well as a way of looking after players.


It’s a pure talent for literature that allows the Keepers to make one particular dodgy decision that a ref makes in a game (surprisingly it’s always one that went against them) a reason why they should never have to be reffed by that ref again. Keep them excuses coming girls.

I watched the highlights of that game back again this week, I know we made it hard for ourselves but by jaysus that was one epic last 10 minutes of a game, the last 3 scores for Dublin were all unforgettable but the pick for me was Kevin’s, to put us one up for the first time since the collapse before half-time, off his left leg from the wrong side, just after falling over, tightly marked, stupid angle. Bryan Sheehan will probably tell us he was going for a goal and miss-hit it.

And the spell of possession and play we had that led up to Dermo’s beautiful score, I can’t forget the sense of this being a great team in perfect harmony, just poised to go in for the kill. You could hear it and feel it in the crowd. Dermo’s leap as he hit the shot was a moment of perfection. Enjoy it folks, will we ever see the likes again? You never know when the last day of such things will be.


Not a single peep out of them about Cormac Reilly ,He got dropped from IC ref panel for a year on account of how shit he was for Kerry vs mayo 3 years ago


He’s going for trials apparently, so he’s open to the idea, looks a good build for aussie rules. caught everything sent his way the other day but then his marker was outmatched physically.


according to the reports on sunday he is already playing senior for club. that may go some way to explain how good he looks against minor opposition from counties who, lets face it, we wouldnt be expecting to trouble kerry anyway.

as for him going to oz? Fine by me! I’m sure we’d all say how great he is for the game if the fecker put a few goals in against us. We’ve seen the back of one gootch, I’m not keen on seeing another.

BTW, HDTV is a great thing. The Gootch has got very hairy hands.


done on purpose, they would apply glue to them hairs so that the ball would stick to them. Them Ferrymen think of everything.


Boat Kerrymen and Ferrymen?


Damn this predictive text making fake predictions. Yes boat. I bow Rochey to your quick keyboard reflexes to work in a pun. These puns do have me in knots of laughter.


rochey is in foul form


In the old days, you’d have been keel-hauled for that mistake. It’s ok JJF, you’re one of the anchors of this star board.


Totally agree. One of my favorite passages of play from this great team.

What really irks is nobody talks about Maher’s challenge on Philly just minutes before…Gough missed it. Dean would likely have put us two ahead earlier. Let them moan but I am amazed nobody picks them up on it.


It was our old friend O’Mahony and they know about it well … but it doesn’t suit the narrative …


Ah yes apologies, our good friend Aiden indeed! To think of the medals he and Maher have and Leeroy with none…





He played college with Tralee last year


Why didn’t they give Kerry/Mayo game to McQuillian or Anthony Nolan, The 2 best referees are refereeing this weekend. Now it will be some incompetent clown in charge for final. Conor Lane for All Ireland last year and Paddy Neilan in charge of league final this year is a bad sign of refeering standards.


Well that’s that then. I honestly don’t think there’s one right answer for the kid/Clifford . He’s being offered a chance of pro sport ( of course he hears the negatives ) but when you’re that age and that talented , with the confidence he has in his game , I’d understand if he went to Oz. Even for a year .


No, its a bad sign of the influence of relentless propoganda from a certain source…