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Set up and pretty much scored the goal Vs Tyrone in the final. He also built the aqueducts…



The negative attention some GAA players get is mental. People who do so much on-and-off the pitch…all unpaid. Forget the good they do - let’s focus on a few incidents.

I remember one poster saying they’d rather not win an AI than have Conor Gormley coz he was a tramp…and thinking they weren’t wise in the head.

Peter Canavan dragged down the Gooch in the last minute of the '05 final, but I couldn’t care less and for me anyway, it doesn’t detract from how good he was.

As Alan said…I don’t need my sporting heroes to be angels. I like Philly because he’s a straight shooter and he has that badness/hardness every team needs - and he’s a bit of an anti-hero figure.


He also had a huge part in the Celtic Tiger in that he was the first to bring about the Boom … Boom, Boom …


Good one Basil


I love Jim , he is a winner and he is ours.
But if we’re to be brutally honest and he was Kerry manager , we would be giving out yards about his dour demeanour.
So I understand if other counties don’t take to him .Although I don’t feel the need to explain his good qualities to them. Plenty of intercounty managers do great work behind the scenes.
I guess the bottom line is I don’t care what other counties or journalists think of him at the moment.,
As I said in first line, He is ours and is a winner. When this decade ends and is analysed and writren about properly , He will be remembered for his managerial and coaching skills .
But as he says himself he is only facilitating the players.


He’s an emotionless robot , no one is denying that . But that’s when he’s on the sideline or doing his media duties . There’s a lovely photo of him with his dad after the final this year .Beaming smile .

He saves those moments for when it counts . It’s just not in his character to leap on the sideline when we have won our finals . I’d say alot of that comes from his discipline in the air corps . I’ve no problem with it . He puts everything down to the players .His philosophy is exceptional & this is displayed by the players too who have bought into it. Anyone who wants to have a pop off him should see this picture , I bet not many have seen it outside of the county.


So what ya saying his our jack O’Connor! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Maybe not far off the mark. But O’Connor always looked like suppressed rage, Gavin looks like controlled zen. In Bladerunner Gavin would be the android, O’Connor an angry Harrison Ford.


Correct. If he was leaping about we’d be hearing about arrogance etc…

They will always look for something to jibe at him about


No win situation really .


Who would Davey fitz be?



Ah Davey Fitzgerald is a great fella as far as the media are concerned. Always willing to talk utter boll0x to them and they just love him for it.

The fact that wee Davey is a complete clown who behaves disgracefully on regular basis at games can be ignored as a result. Jim Gavin on the other hand who treats others with respect and acts in quiet dignified way is condemned. It’s a fckd up world we live in. Jim Gavin will go down as one of the most brilliant & successful managers of all time.


Can’t argue with that. Big fan of Gavin. The real deal. The media woukd cream themselves to get an in depth interview with him


Maybe he should be like Antonio Conte ,the Chelsea manager who celebrates EVERY goal they score like they scored in the last min of champions league to win it .Does my head watching him , but I digress…


I’ve no problem with Jack O’Connor’s demeanor most of the time - my problem with him is how he is when he loses. He never seams to take it with grace.




I like these bits best …

“You’d have to admire them (Dublin) and the way they play too is brilliant, it’s real open football. They have really good forwards, so you’d have to have huge admiration for them. I’ll probably be less bitter when I retire and stuff, but I think you need that for a while.

“You’d have to put your hands up, they have easily been the best team in the country for the last five or six years, but at the end of the day we are out to try win the All-Ireland this year.


Refreshingly honest. Admits he’s bitter but that that will wear off after he’s retired. Gives Dublin due praise.