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Still bitter though. Whelo was never bitter (in public), and he didn’t even get that medal. Fook Moran, class footballer but another who should keep his head down and can’t.


In fairness I think it’s in the context of a bitter pill to swallow. All top sportspeople hate losing and are bitter about it - don’t think it’s a personal thing.


You’d hardly expect him to be happy that we keep beating them.


And how many top sports’ ‘stars’ do you hear saying in public that they feel ‘bitter’ about another team? Seriously, it’s pathetic, and well in keeping with that generation, bunch of whingers with ever decreasing dignity. They seem to think saying things like that “proves how much I care”. Ah grow up, get on with it, learn from the greats, and I mean the Kerry greats who won and kept their gobs shut.

Did you ever read any beaten Dublin players say in public that they felt bitter about losing, even when it ate them up to lose?


Yeah - you’re right. I hate him now.


Just don’t go mis-spelling his name.


Met him early last year down there - nice guy. We went for a pint of bitter …



Think it was an American football coach who said ‘show me a good loser and I’ll show you a loser’.


No problem with someone still being bitter about a loss from years ago, or being honest about it. Just don’t be pimping yourself, (or your county) as being paragons of virtue in the good sportsmanship stakes, or making bull$hit claims that cribbing is not in your DNA, or some such hypocritical crap.


Going public about it, that’s the point, it’s a show of weakness, it’s misguided. Everyone knows that any serious player begrudges their main opponents success, why say it in public? Talking is for the pitch. This is like some code they have with the media, since ‘Fitzy’ took over. Either they’re told to say it for whatever reason or they say it to help get in the team. Or it’s a sign of desperation, well it is either way.


I think you’re the only one reading anything like that into it. I see no sign of weakness … maybe the opposite


Like jack oshea , darragh , liston,spillane ,who are not shy throwing their 2 cents worth in bout us


Why you only listing a few?


Right basically every ex kerry IC player has the hump with us , happy :grinning::grinning::grinning::grinning:


Not while they were still playing at the top level…


Probably because they were winning back then, shoe is on the other foot now. :sunglasses:


And when Dublin weren’t winning, were any players quoted anywhere saying they were bitter, so-and-so stole my medal, we waz robbed, so-and-so is a scamp and his marker should pull his tail, I was bitten but I’m not really saying who it was Philly, we deserved to win that one, and so on and so on?



This article may tip one particular poster over the edge, though I reckon it will be al o k.


What’s the point? It’s not even remotely surprising. O’ Fearghail and Duffy are riding off to the sunset having fucked the whole thing into a cocked hat. The dam wall has burst. Expect a lot of counties to go the same way.