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Are we predicting change / improvements with our own John Horan in charge ?


September?? Fcuking optimists! Mid July might be ok …




What’s driving this, is it the push to win an all Ireland, is it the commercial potential of the county side, where is the pressure from for the county board to make this decision.


Inter county managers


It’s an arms race. As someone said before if you heard kilkenny were doing set dancing twice a week, we’d all be doing set dancing twice a week. the more people do, the more other will do to keep up or to try and get an edge. in an amateur sport, it’s unsustainable. Counties give their county managers leeway to do what they want to chase success. and on it goes.


And when the crash comes it’s going to be very ugly.



So basically it starts off as a piece about Galway , but then meanders towards money…


So who’s the author? The slieveen Examiner doesn’t name them but cleverly almost makes it look like it’s Walsh. Cowards.

It doesn’t meander towards money, it starts with a line or two about Galway reaching the final, then dives headlong into a full-length assault on how Dublin are financially doped and therefore the only winner can be Galway.

This adopting the role of the victim before the first major final is a bad start to what could be another great era for Galway football. Walsh is naive for letting himself get associated with it. I would fear for them.

It’s weird too because Walsh comes from an era where his team were confident, played great football, and there was no BS. I’m assuming they think they’ve no hope in this game and so it’s excuses at dawn. Nearly worse than taking a bullish cocky approach.


Diarmaid Blake , can’t say I’ve ever heard of him .


I like this line
Galway fans have paid to see Galway hurlers playing in Croke Park, with most of our money going towards the capital and coaching development of every team in the competition, bar ourselves.

So therefore in the days of the 2000’s when croke park was sold out for leinster games - we deserve our money right ?

Galway does not have access to even one floodlit 4G pitch or all-weather GAA pitch to host games or train.

In the bad weather last year, the Galway senior footballers spent weeks driving to Ballyhaunis in Mayo to train on the only full-sized football pitch in Connacht.

Nice bit of planning from Galway GAA then when constructing their Loughgeorge training centre.


*The author is a former Galway footballer and current director and owner of Money Maximising Advisors Ltd._emphasized text_
Diarmaid Blake is a director of that company and also a former Galway player won an under 21 all Ireland in 2002, could it possibly be him ?
The language mixed with those particular numbers, and the fact that rather than put your name, you leave your company name, gives me the impression this is more of an advert for a particular type of client, who not only can’t count their loose change,but is ignorant enough to part with it to someone of like mind.


Join the party Diarmuid. Get in line behind ■■■■■■■■■■■■ and his ilk. It’s all Dublin’s fault.


Now that you say it, that’s exactly what it is, a fundraiser. They know they are behind Kerry and Mayo in that regard.


It’s just a pity that diar waid be no one close to the Galway camp to Blake this in hand and maximise the money potential.
Anyone come to mind ? Nope, yeah me neither.
Though I believe there’s a big headed, opinionated failure with an over rated belief in Juinior cert maths who would abandon every moral fibre for gig, living in athenry co. Giveaway.


Nice of you to use junior cert english on that post !


Any particular words lead you to that conclusion or just the language and tone overall.


I’m assuming they think they’ve no hope in this game and so it’s excuses at dawn

I can assure you they very much think they can win this game. They are not going up to Croker on Sunday to be sacrificial lambs. The feeling around this particular part of Galway is that they laid down a marker in Salthill and by topping the league they have nothing to fear.
If Kevin Walsh is associated with that article it is just a diversion tactic like the 8 point advantage Dublin have in Croker crack, it is rope a dope stuff.


I think a big performance from Galway is very important to them. After a poor league Mayo have stayed up and amazingly finish with a confidence boosting game . Last thing Kevin Walsh will want is a hammering from Dublin before they prepare for Mayo.
But I feel Jim Gavin will want to put them to the sword.