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Blake won u21 with Galway in 2005.Played centre back on Galway seniors for a few years


There was a Cathal Blake in 2005 21s a diarmuid Blake 2002 21s


Galway will want revenge for the u-21s last year. It adds alot of spice. We hold most of the aces but both sides have alot to lose then also. I think we have to win it, and Galway need a really good performance in Croker and to push the favourites very hard.


Your correct :slight_smile:


Thanks stato82, having had a run of being wrong the last 24hrs, it’s nice to get back to being right and an acknowledgement from yourself carries much more weight than any of the other ressers :+1:.
Here’s hoping Dub09 passes through :joy:.


Really interesting article here from a passionate Mayo fan and head of fitness under James Horan. Be interested to hear the obs of @mayoman


So the answer to Mayo’s problems are Ger Cafferky, having Aido take a few shots, telling O’Connor to keep his elbows down and bring back Horan.


What about your answers in the “Resser-in-the-spotlight” thread? :wink:


Easy enough to answer.

No Ed, it’s not Mayo’s fault it’s everyone elses fault. But if you hang in there just a little longer you’ll get that All Ireland title that you ‘Deserve’.


He makes some good points but I wouldn’t agree with others…like his Caff example. It’s very simplistic. Remember he was part of Horans backroom team. We can only blame ourselves though.

Horan made decisions that’s cost Mayo too. It’s fine margins though. Right now I’m very concerned with our lack of underage success and players coming through.


Are you some kind of dirty protest and shirking yer responsibilities over on Resser in the Spotlight?


I agree. My first thoughts were that he half gets it! I’m sure as head of fitness he wasn’t nagging at James Horan that he wasn’t working hard enough on Aido’s right foot!


What was the story with Ritchie Feeney and James Horan in 2013? Played well all year as impact sub and wasn’t brought on in final?


Jaysus, some of us have to earn a crust! :slight_smile:


Don’t get why you haven’t brought through more of the U21 team in the past few years in the league but seem to stick with the core team you have had. Loftus was your saviour last year in the qualifiers but looks shorn of confidence. Surely a consistent run showing faith in him and others in the league would pay dividends now.


What position does Loftus play for his club? Corner Forward? The reason I ask is he looks naturally pacey and can kick points better than most Mayo forwards but looks woeful at getting out in front of defenders and winning possession. Looks to me like a more natural half forward


He has played a fair bit on the HF line too for Mayo


Could have sworn the had him in the corner. Must be mistaken. Tbh I think there’s the makings of really good player in him but he needs to be trusted. No use playing him and then throwing every ball into Andy even if he’s being marked out of the game. Loftus is young and will lose a lot of possession but so did Rock and Mannion when they first came on the scene. Look at them now


He has played on both lines at various times. Last year mostly in the FF in place of Andy. Because of Mayo’s desperation to find new forwards he has probably been over-hyped. That transition is not easy but Dublin have mined it very carefully … because we can I suppose.


Still think he’s a better option than Diarmuid O’Connor for example who hasn’t had a good 70 mins in 2 years now