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Indeed. There is a similar implication in his article that he is attributing things he made up himself to parents!

Pure coincidence possibly that certain people are starting to put about the suggestion that Dublin players are on PEDS.

Line seems to be “oh, look at the conditioning Con has put on since he joined the panel.”

This was one of PK’s hobby horses, but no one ran with it because of the testing system. Gaelic games not the only sport he has tried that one on. McKenna was another one barking up that tree, and Dublin were not the only target.

Insinuations were made about Clare hurlers when they changed a venue during the 2012 (?) floods on a training night where drugs test was scheduled. Pure oversight on Clare side - this was like a week after Christmas and the county half water!

Kimmage I think is miffed that whole sporting world here does not replicate that of the cheats with whom he rolled.


Anybody can transform their body like that and bulk up with the right conditioning . It’s losing the bulk that’s the problem. It takes alot of dedication , some thing which is lost on those making the remarks . Low energy types…

Kimmage would remind ya of one those people who recently gave up smokes after been on 30 a day and then will tell anyone that listens how bad they are for ya . A complete hypocrite .


I’m not one for broad, sweeping generalisations, but ex-smokers are the worst.


Anyone who can fall out with brian o’driscoll over a book is a cantankerous old goat.

Sounds like he totally lost the run of himself re that GAA club. Find him far too full of his own self importance whenever I hear him on the radio. Some journalists seem to get this attitude.


After what he did to Gavin he is CAUC. I would read nothing to do with that man.


Looks like we can look forward to a small paragraph somewhere printing an apology and withdrawal and something about legal costs.

A bit like the terrible cohort of columnists in the 80’s and 90’s the sindo (and our boilerhouse friends) allowed kimmage to indulge in his own fame and this is the result. Hope the new owners are taking note.

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I’ll see your ex-smoker and raise you someone who’s gone vegan

As the saying goes. 'there’s nobody as pure as a reformed whore"


Hope the new owners have big plans, that paper is in a sorry state of affairs. We could really use another decent paper.

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They got it for nothing due to there being so much pending litigation, if DOB wasn’t getting so many government contracts he would be severe financial difficulty with the money he lost in INM and Digicels demise


Ó Sé acting the tool in Indo this morning.

Mentioning rumours in spirit of “of course its nonsense but I’m repeating it anyway” :wink:

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Oh, A LOT of guff will be written & said over the next 2 weeks that’ll reveal these cnuts (and for the record, I never use the C word) true nature. Especially, the likeable, harmless ones like Der Bomber & Tomás who are usually a bit cuter about not diving in feet first the way Spillane does. Cnuts the lot of them. Devious, hypocritical, two faced cnuts.

Hope we fcuking pulverize them ! :facepunch: :facepunch: :facepunch:

There. Feel better now.


The semi finals should have been this weekend, a 2 week build up is plenty, the kerry media need some sh1t to write.

I look forward to the musings of der bomber. Well it will be the usual cringe with words like destiny, hurt and hunger thrown in.

Bring it on.

They can talk all the shite they want ,they are planking it .


Fcuk him !

He’s far from being the loveable aul Kerry rogue he likes to portray himself as…yerrra…twinkle in the eye…yerra…Micko…yerra…not after the digs at Con. He’d be much better served looking at his own counties failings in that area, not ours.

'Nice but dim ’ is how i categorize him

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WTF is nice about him for jaysus sake

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Its a term from a harry Enfield character years years ago .Or thick as bottled shit ,whatever you prefer.

Thick as bottled shit has a nice ring about it

So he is nice then?? :thinking: