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Indeed. But you will off the CAP subsidies, levies, free college fees, no tax and other perks … :wink:


That claim is as bogus as the one that claims Dublin footballers don’t work and live a professional lifestyle…:wink:


Imagine how much stronger we’d be if we were farming (part-time( … and how much fitter if inhaling clean air. Ah sure …


Clean air…lovely clean air in the bog, if you want to come down and turn the turf for me your more than welcome…next week I’ll have 180 odd bales to be hauled in…again more than welcome :wink:


Been there. Done that. Outside Claremorris, every year as a kid. The best of work. Tea and a sambo never tasted better! Turf is the most comforting fire of all!


Ireland is the ONLY country in the world were its population is lower than it was 200 years ago.


We have never really discussed the famine.


Turf and saving hay. That’s work. Thirsty work too.


Get that wasp off my sandwich!


Apart from your palettes on 12th?


I probably know your relatives so…


If I know Mayo any way at all, you probably are a relative.


I see Megs and Harry will be in Croker next month


Will they go to Newbridge?


They were going to . But can’t get a ticket.


They’re not stuck for a bit of silverware anyway!


See Donegal have lost McBrearty for the rest of the year with an injury, huge loss for them coming up to the super 8’s


Makes things a little easier for us .
Terrible news though , a brilliant player


That’s terrible.

He’s a great talent. Was really looking forward to seeing him play against us in July.


big blow for donegal , great player