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exactly, we seem to be a little bit loose in defence lately and he would certainly be a great test for the back 3, would leave us knowing where we have to improve as we march forward in particular against the KOTF and their front 6, although their back 6 arent great


i Think we are more than a little loose in defence … really worried we are gonna be roasted this season … hope I’m wrong but seems a bit of our pace n intensity is going … philly the prime example … may be a reflection of the opposition n the mindset so hopefully I’m wrong


In fairness, we are missing Cian. Will shore up things come Super 8’s. Young Murcan is bullet fast, I;d like to see him start.


We’ve conceded 1 goal. Nobody has got more than 12 scores against us. I know the opposition is crap but that’s ott criticism there.


A couple of slight adjustments will sort our supposed defensive issues.
Cian and Jack Mc back into the half back line, Cooper back to corner back and Phily needs to pick his game up a bit.


Agree, but replacing who?


Jack in for Eric, harsh as Eric hasnt done much wrong but he seems to be the first sub lately. HB line of Jack Cian and jamsey, thats a serious line.


Yeah on closer inspection… who do you replace? Fucked if I know. Though having jack back with Cian is a major addition.


With Diarmo gone I think now more than ever we could do with Jack in the half forwards. He creates so many goal chances.


I noticed last day that McCarthy was moved into midfield rather than Flynn, which is what happened the last two games. Even after Small was sent off McCarthy was kept in midfield with Scully sent back to play in the half backs. I wonder will we see a return to a midfield of Fenton and McCarthy for the Super 8s, with MDMA coming off the bench.


I think so, it’s the best midfield pairing in the country, let alone Dublin.


Have Davy Byrne to come back too. He was going really in league but that momentum has halted with his injury. Jonny will be needed in full back line against Kerry/Mayo.If play Kerry I think they will be more direct this year and will use the diagonal ball. They will target Cian by putting a runner on him to drag out of position.


I don’t think he would be as effective with back to goal. When he drives forward Scully/Howard can cover him.


MDMA has no confidence in kicking a ball which could go against him. Would leave him for last 15-20 minutes when opposition are tiring . He played key role as sub against Mayo 2015 and 2016 replays. If start Fenton and MDMA have no natural midfielder on bench.


I think Phillys place could be under threat TBH. Hopefully if everyone is fit then it’s hard to imagine us not playing Jack Mc, Cian or Small. If that’s the case then I think our two corner backs are the most likely to lose out as things stand. A full back line of Mick Fitz, Cian and JC with Jamsie, Small and Jack in front of them. I know some are suggesting McCarthy to midfield again but I think MDMA is going well this year, his best form in a few years, so Gavin might not risk changing that pairing yet.
There are so many options to consider, Howard and Scully have been excellent all year so they could quite possibly keep the wing forward slots too, which would mean a big name losing out, either Andrews or Mannion, although both of them also bring something unique to the forwards too. I’d imagine we could all name a team that could have five or six differences and each team would look solid. Perhaps the key thing at this stage for the management team is to get a team with the right balance all over the field, and hopefully find that well before the semi final stage.


Horses for courses. If Donaghy or Aidan are on the edge of the square, I would like to have Philly there too.


Big time. Big game player has had both donaghy and oshea in his arse pocket before and has great experience.


Plus serious physical strength.


Jesus. No Philly? I don’t care if he plays on one leg. He’s starts. He represents a massive psychological advantage for us, even if he hasn’t reached the heights of 2015 over the past couple of years. He’s inside a lot of players heads, before the match even starts. You can’t put a price on that.


I see this week a few have crawled out from under the rocks to have a dig at the mighty Dubs, the 42 and the times have articles from J McG and Do’S. hard to believe that Do’S manges to have 3 or 4 digs at the Dubs while condeming the GAA for their stance on the Kildare V Mayo debacle, and good auld Jimmy is he in China or Scotland maybe he should stay there, Jim Gavin has openly stated the Dubs will play anyone anywhere anytime.