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Whats the DOSE saying?


Mumble yerra, Paudi, mumble, the Dubs,mumble, in the dressing room, mumble, how we laughed, mumble, turnip, potato, donkey


So same out shite? Thats the DOSE for ya.


he managed to bring in Dublin population money, not playing outside Croke park all into an article allegedly about Kildare V Mayo and Newbridge, the spin keeps coming


Occam’s razor - should be reworded, when all things go wrong in the GAA blame Dublin.


I see that Cunningham lad is laying it on pretty thick the last while in regards to Dublin .
All very subtle but there’s been a trend of it .
Also loves to add in , " its not Dublin’s faults , its the GAAs".


Few ulster finals down in croke park as well back in the day you can tell Cunningham.

As someone else said - only an issue now we are winning all irelands


Interesting article but is thst true we rent it? First I’ve ever heard of that…


Me thinks Philly doesn’t quite know what he’s talking about there.


For league games I would assume we would have to rent it. If DCB is taking money off the gate they’d have to pay a nominal fee to the GAA for use of the facility surely


Yes I m sure I read that when Dublin resumed league games in Croker that it had to be rented for those matches. Perhaps that’s what Philly was referring to.


Croke Park Stadium is run by a company - PCT Pairc an Chrocaigh Teoranta which is ar arms length from the GAA . If the Gaa Central Council, Leinster Council, the Ladies Football, Camogie or Dublin want to use the stadium for any games they must rent it from PCT.


So Philly may not be the big eejit somebody tried to paint him earlier?


Even Cumann na mBunscoil have to rent it out for their finals!!!


Philly is most definitely not an eegit. He was spot on, and yes the Primary Schools do hire the pitch for their games.
A check of the GAA and PCT annual accounts will confirm that rent changes hands between them.


Looking forward to the ‘hands up I was wrong’ post …


Cheers genuinely never knew that. And in case I get the curly finger of anyone it wasnt me saying he was incorrect in his interview!


We know who he was referring to :smirk:


Phew that’s one big sigh of relief…


think fitzy struggling a bit this weather. where is david byrne gone? Fitz and philly 30.Cian must be close also to 30. Is the defence slowing up?super 8s with 3 games over 4 weeks Jim will get to have a good look at players. Maybe Byrne and Murchan will stake a claim for a semi final spot