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Ah jaysus @Auldtriangle thats very ageist!


Alan me ould flower looks like you got that one badly wrong :grinning: Think like the GAA earlier this week just issue a statement confirming the facts but don’t admit you got it wrong. Am sure Dub09 will let it slide at that point :grinning:


Indeed. Seems like a nice little tax dodge alright :wink:


Isn’t DByrne injured?


I’m just happy that man never got himself a legal career or our prisons would be full of innocent people …


Technically innocent Dub09 but 100% morally guilty :blush:!


more like a way of keeping the debt and the decreasing asset value off of the GAA books.

Croke Park will need to be refurbished sooner rather than later, the Cusask Stand is 23 years in use.


Lads it was a pleasure serving with you all. But our time has come. The kingdom has finally risen. :wink:


■■■■ sake Whelo.


If Tomas said the same of Dublin you would all be slating his yerra shite.
Maybe Whelo is learning while being surrounded in RTE?


Think there’s a bit of the yerra aren’t kerry great but also he’s right Dublin performance in 1st half last Sun was v poor by our own standards.


Entitled to write what he wants.
Whether he actually believes it or not is another thing :grin:


Good man Whelo. Shure Les Animaux have been at this lark for donkeys years. Blowing schmoke up Les Langerz arses has worked out pretty well for them.

So what if it’s terrible scutter, that he doesn’t actually believe? :rofl:


This is Dublin yerra lads… I hope! :grin:


I’d say it is alright. On the face of it Kerry were the more consistent of the two last week, we did have a complacent look about us in the first half. Whether that means anything down the line is open to debate.


Cork had a slim chance of beating Kerry , Laois had no chance of beating us. Kerry had to be be a bit more fired up.


About as slim as Pavarotti …


Absolutely agree, lots of different factors. Cork were so poor it’s teally hard to gauge.


“Ennui”, nice M. Wheloneuve


Alright there?