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Grand, yerself? Did you read the article?


They will be falling over themselves to write these articles.


Was just about to post this

“They were Ireland’s team” :face_vomiting:

If they had been playing anyone other than us in those finals there wouldn’t be such a wankfest over them


Lady Luck deserted them says the Yeats County man.

How about multiple systems failures and a total lack of ability to strengthen their depth.

I’ve always admired this Mayo panel (for the most part) but this kind of writing sticks in my craw when you think of how we are constantly dissed by certain parts of the media & our achievements constantly being questioned because of perceived advantages.

IMO we can’t keep winning enough to constantly raise their ire



I also get the feeling the title is a sly dig at us.


Yeah… I would of thought so. Sweeney still trying to redeem himself to the West. Irelands. ■■■■ right off.


There was a small tribute to Mayo on TSG last night. Was cringworthy stuff.


Yeah.Though they will find it their hearts to make sure at least one all star goes to them. Maybe AOS he can have the ‘quarter back’ all star as thats what he brings to the table according to Wee Pee.


They’re the Buffalo Bills of the gaa .
And all people will remember if them in 20 years is how many finals they lost .
They’ll remember us for , currently winning 5 AIs.
I know who id prefer to be .


Kerry and Donegal featured well in it, Dean had a brief cameo for a split second but no sign of a flying GPS which ought to have been included.


If it does , it will be a bigger farce than last year .
Mayo are out , gone , finito.
They’ll be forgotten about in a few weeks when the super 8s start .


Was that not the ‘trying too hard’ reference?

What an utter pile of crap re a team that tried hard, came close but weren’t good enough v Donegal, Kerry and ourselves in the big games that really mattered.

I admire Mayo as a team even though I dislike some of their players with feeling! However the media carryon over them is utterly ridiculous. As was mentioned already if they had lost as they did to someone other than Dublin in finals they would be hammered by the media.

Watch some of the journalists try to nominate them for all stars this year out of recognition for their ‘contribution to the game’ over the past 8 years. Wouldn’t rule it out :upside_down_face:


I can tell ya now ■■■ and AOS will be put forward. Clarke will win the goalkeeping all star! :grin:


If Andy Moran retires he’ll get nominated for POTY.


We haven’t heard from Jack OShea yet. No doubt he’ll be out to state again that Mayo are team of the decade despite no AIs, no league wins and a record v Dublin that reads P16 W2 D2 L12 with their last win v Dublin in 2012.

Go on Jacko I dare ye :grinning:


It’s a blessing we haven’t from jacko. I guess he still thinks CK is crap?


Gas thing re Jacko is that he used to go regularly to the Hill for Dublin games. Have seen him up there many times over the years. Funny not so much since we started to beat him the lard outta Kerry :grinning:


He did in his hoop!


He did indeed in his hoop as I stood close to him at several games. So wind ur neck back in.


I won’t be winding anything back anywhere, thanks anyway. Pup