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Look Rochey these are emotional times what with the end of the Mayo era! Be nice! :blush:


He actually did. Jacko done a training session with our team about 10 years ago and remember him saying he was on hill for Dublin games. He was giving out about the way Dublin FB line at the time were marking their opponents.


I’ve seen him on the hill a few times at league matches. Getting plenty of good humoured stick from the locals
Still lives in Kildare afaik


Passed him on Henry St, about an hour after the final whistle of the 2013 semi. He looked utterly shell shocked. The memories of all the AI final wins & all the wins over Kerry are all starting to blur together now. But that one still stands out very sharply. :rofl::rofl:


He works for Moriarty in Super Valu. Good Kerry folk looking out for each other! Palmerstown Skerries and Balbriggan as far as I know.


I ve seen jacko on the hill at Dublin games it’s true. He ain’t winding you up.


Going to H16 for 4 decades, never seen him, nor heard of him. Have met him several times, just not on H16!


You must be in among the bowsies over near the hogan side with the cans of Dutch gold. Jacko stood in the middle just to left of the goal as you look down on it the times I saw him on the hill. Did he not wave at you ?


Who Jacko.




He’s a plumber . I met him a few times in Suppliers.


Does plumbing/handyman/dogsbody in said establishments. Definitely as recent as couple of years back


I met him doing an emergency unblock on the jacks under the hill at half time one match. His head popped out of the bowel and he asked me to stop. Autographed my lad and all, fair play. Back to work now, says I. We both laughed.


How come various Kerry management teams over the last 7 years haven’t asked his advice on fixing a leaky defence?


Like a giant, baldy, square-jawed, yerra-spouting turtle’s head…


Interesting listen. Joe is looking up like a prairie dog and seeing what way the wind is blowing. He is loving this forward 6 for kerry. He says the theory going around is that maybe Dublin are not as good as they are becaue of defensive football and Mayo not been able to close the deal on an AI.


IDerry get better in joe s head as the years goes on. They had some good players sure ,Tohill was terrific but they won 1 all Ireland and bet a Dublin team who were patched up for the semi final by a point. Heery and Gilroy in the half forward line if I recall. Mayo far more consistent and they would beat joe s Derry team imo. Derry faded fairly quickly after 93 in championship terms.


I love the way history can be rewritten so easily in this country. See below this statement. Wouldn’t happen to kerry.

The theory that is gaining traction is that the Dubs aren’t as good a team as we thought, they are just in an era where football hasn’t been that great and whilst they have concentrated on playing football and attacking and expressing themselves and building that chemistry, other teams have resorted to blanket defending etc and become predictable and the Dubs have easily picked them off apart from Mayo who have gone man-to-man against them."


It’s media bollixology, no team will buy into that narrative, all of the remaining teams will be busting their asses on the pitch if we meet them, same as before.


Now that mayo are out hell hitch his wagon to kerry . Its far more interesting than praising us .