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Nostalgia shite the 80s not as good as 70s, 90s as the 80s etc.


Kerry will save the country from these nefarious dubs :neutral_face:.
Gas thing is , i genuinely loved it when Kerry & Tyrone were sparing off each in the noughties .
Yet because we’ve had mayos & kerrys number for the 7 years between them ( bar '12 ) , our dominance is sticking in the craw of alot of people . It was grand in '11 but its gone on for far too long now & people are fed up .


Yet he also said last years all Ireland was probably the highest quality of all time…and a few months ago he had a rant about Dublin, Kerry, Mayo etc being elite teams and the rest of the country had no interest in it…

This guy is a parody of himself. Remember his “Kerry’s production line is finished” quote.

Now apparently mayo will never win an All Ireland again…a bold statement but I bet we win one before Derry do again.


He has a few lads working for him. Although I’d say he’s hungry enough.Laughing looking for dicounts in Plumbing suppliers , but ye kind of knew he meant it .
I always wondered over the Years why he would be still plumbing .


Could be just a man who enjoys his job. (As odd as it might sound)


I don’t wish to be a bollox, but …


He blows what ever way the wind is blowing. I’ll say it again wouldn’t happen the Kerry boys. Thise matches with mayo where hard fought by both teams. Brolly can go and shite anyway I did enjoy his pop at guru mcguinness


What did he say? I thought it was an ok piece (the bit I listened to) by Brolly. He likes to stir it up a bit and stay ahead of the game. Kerry will no doubt have another great era and he will be able to say he told us so before anyone else.


It’s a bold statement that Mayo will NEVER win another all Ireland…weather We are all around to witness it is another story entirely


I arrived home after seeing Dublin struggle to beat Wexford in Leinster championship in 2011. Told the missus that I didn’t think I’d see Dublin win an All Ireland again in my lifetime! A fairly absurd thing to have said in hindsight :grinning::grinning:

Mayo will come again and will be one of the leading challengers for the AI. You have the players and the tradition. You get decent manager and willingness to learn from defeats and Mayo will go close / get over the line.


So a guy who lies to his missus all the time … who knew …


How easy you forget the trauma that went with those 16 years! Mine wasnt the only head that was messed up before Sept 2011 :blush:


I did the exact same.

she said she had a feeling of deja vu. Only now I realise she is a bigamist.


Was prob lotta happy wives around at that time…


That’s cute…try a 65 year trauma and counting


I think the Kildare defeat is the best thing for Mayo and I expect them to come back fresh and motivated for next year. They have probably gotten complacent in early championship knowing they will be there come the business end, going to the end of September is tyering for team add in a few injuries to key players and you have a perfect storm

I suspect next year will be back to basics and winnning the province will be the aim and getting moment, I would not be surprised if 2019 is the year.


Better off going out early this year than getting to super 8s or semi final and loosing…a rest, re charge and new blood needed for 2019.

Not only for the team but for us fans…the past 7 years have been like a boulder rolling down the hill gathering pressure…didn’t get over the line but nothing we can do now. I’m hearing there will be a few retirements and a change in management. The whole thing is gone stale.


Changes like that could give yiz a new energy. Who do you think would be next in line for the mangers job?


There really has to be. People saying ye will be fresher and 2019 could be the year are taking through their hat unless the above happens. Please God Tom P will be back at least.


Rochford’s big plan hasnt worked - it very nearly did - but it didnt. He was the first to bring the agression to knock us off balance thing which Kerry since copied, and he was the first (maybe Kerry in the 00’s) to forgo a provincial to aim to peak at the all Ireland. Both brave moves but as they havent worked he could pay the ultimate price.

No silverware at all, almost relegated (took a last moment point to cling on). Is that a success in the eyes of mayo fans now the heat is dying down and with cold recollection of the Rochford years?