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I think the early exit will allow bigger changes to the make up of your squad going forward, you have come so close in recent years that I’d imagine the management were afraid to drop players such as Boyle for example, who isn’t a patch on the player he was 4/5 years ago, because if he was ditched and you did lose, the question would be ‘sure why drop a proven player’. Now the manager, whoever it is, will have more of a clean slate to give younger players a prolonged run in the team, instead of being under constant pressure to return to the tried and trusted.


I’m not sure I buy in to the notion that Rochford willingly decided to forego the Connacht title. I think his managerial credentials might have been inflated slightly, Corofin haven’t broken stride hardly since he left them.


well, maybe it was a risk he was willing to take by shifting the emphasis further forward in the year


It was hardly just his decision as there would’ve been mutiny for not winning Connacht three in a row - but there wasn’t.


I don’t know, if you take over as a manager I find it hard to believe you aren’t keen to win a trophy as soon as you can. He had 3 shots at Connacht and failed on all 3 occasions. Mayo had won Connacht for the 5 years previously.

(BTW, how did London get to the Connacht Final in 2013 !!!)


Down the hill? Was sure it was much more like that lad Sisyphus…


Yeah that poor ■■■■■■■ after he got cleared of the Sisyphus got hit by some rolling rock and was declared brown bread.


I get the feeling some of the Mayo players were no longer enjoying their football. I think going out early this year, a few lads retiring, a new management team, all might take the pressure off the team. Expectations will be lower and that makes Mayo very dangerous in 2019 imo


I could see little joy in them from Connaught on since at least 5 years ago, or even before that.


No and to be honest I haven’t enjoyed watching us in the past 2 seasons…during all those tight games through the qualifiers it was a case of begin a nervous wreck…

I don’t buy into the theory the team didn’t care about winning Connacht…they did and anyone involved in team sport knows you never go out to not play to your potential…don’t even know if is possible to play at 80%?

Larry Finnerty scores a great goal for Mayo in the 1989 final for Mayo but missed another by a lick of paint…that’s what he is remembered for and when asked recently does he ever think about it…his reply was “everyday”…sadly many of the current squad are going to Carey that cross also.


Was that his nickname? I thought he was Anthony Finnerty?
To be honest, I remember him scoring the goal but I don’t remember much of the chance he missed.


Both were very poor efforts!


Agree. It will be 2/3 years to rebuild unless there’s a gansey load of talent there that’s been ignored by the current management. You might need a Pat Gilroy type to lead it.


What’s the feeling out West at the minute? Is it resignation that the chance is gone or are people seeing this as a chance to reset the clocks and go again with fresh faces and fresh ideas. Tbh I don’t think Mayo are going anywhere and be shocked if they didn’t get to at least the Semis next year.

That Kevin McLoughlin point in Ballybofey was crucial. Division one football next year is exactly what the new faces will need. Division two would have made things very tough next year


They have to build on the increased interest this team has brought. Mayo is as fanatical about football as that county that thinks they are the only ones. The critical mass is there - maybe just beef up the structures. The green and red wave!


You know what happened the last time Mayo had a Dublin manager, don’t you? (Was he originally from Vincent’s also?)


Stop now. Think we’ve given them enough ideas as it is .


“You know what happened the last time Mayo had a Dublin manager, don’t you? (Was he originally from Vincent’s also?)”

Genuinely no. Memory coming up empty on that. When, who and what happened?


Brian McDonald - some time in the 90’s. Had then pushing cars around the car park for training one winter. Might have been due to the lack of facilities and equipment!


That’s gas. The thought of Kevin McStay and Liam McHale doing that, priceless.