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More likely a flat battery - no?


Most are down and resigned that it’s all over for this team.


Ye can adopt the Dubs …we can twin Bohola and Ballyfermot


I’d say that’s an emotional reaction. Still have the core of a fantastic side. A few young legs might just be the difference


Yeah, Anthony (aka Larry) Finnerty missed a howler that day. Easier to score!!! His son is now on the Galway panel!!!


Is he Podge or Rodge?


Played with Synge St.


Mayo have every chance to still compete in the next year or so if the right things happen. You don’t just suddenly stop trying to attain the pinnacle when you’ve been that close so often in a short and very recent period and haven’t made it.

You get a new coach of ability and fresh ideas, bring through 2 or 3 young lads at least, maybe rejuvenate one or two that have fallen out or been left out or injured, you take the rest and reboot. Play some lads in different positions again. Keep on older lads and one or two ex-first teamers as subs. Leave one or two out.

Of course it comes down to having good enough players, as always, but what’s the comparisons from the past by which to measure what can or may happen? Very very few, none really. Dublin 88-95. Kept going and got the break. Teams in the past who suddenly faded into obscurity were teams who had achieved the holy grail. Look at Dublin after 95.

Maybe Mayo missed the break or maybe they didn’t find a Jayo, yet. Dublin 95 team didn’t have to come up against a really great team in 95. If for example this current Dublin team is in clear decline or will be by or after next year, and if Kerry don’t suddenly become a truly great team, Mayo have a real chance to get past or avoid one or both, with no sign of another genuine candidate yet. Mayo will still have the experience to beat Kerry next year I feel, for example.

Suddenly it’s not such a clearly daunting thing. Mayo have always done well with fresh faces and being written off.


Well that’s it and I’ve saod it before…it’s the legacy this team has left…every young kid looks up to them and wants to play for mayo.

In fairness there has been some recent improvements at underage coaching and schools…hopefully this will bear fruit in the years ahead.


Who do you think will call it a day from the current panel?


I couldn’t be sure of ages of players, but I’d say Andy Moran might just go. A great player in his day. For me though, if Mayo want to go and bridge the gap, they need rid of AOS ■■■ and maybe DOC. Now players to fill those gaps will be difficult to find, just that their mentality has always let the team down when needed most, while the likes of Parsons et al, never stopped driving on.

Think somebody else said it earlier. Mayo need to find their Pat Gilroy.


DOC?? Really???


Yep, in crunch times I feel his mentality switches to the “oh not again” mode.


I didn’t see that in his performance against Kildare - I thought he had a super game. He is just coming back from 2 years of continuous injury too!


A good game against Kildare is not a good barometer in my opinion. I’m talking about when the game was in the melting pot against us, he seemed to crawl into the shell.

But this is all about opinions, as I’ve no stats to back this up. I could name probably 7/8 of that Mayo team that I’d be looking to replace if I wanted to succeed long term! But a rebuild is very much needed.

PS, I don’t want them to succeed, so this is all just a pile of waffle really!


With more kids playing and with the right coaching structures in place in schools and clubs will inevitably lead to further success, you’d imagine. The current crop of Mayo players fell agonisingly short on numerous occasions against one of the best teams to have ever played the game. Dublin will be strong (I hope) for many, many years but I cannot see Dublin dominating nationally indefinitely they was we have over the last 8 years, or so. Mayo should be well placed to challenge again in a few years time.


If Dublin weren’t to win, who would you like to see win (of the genuine challengers), out of curiosity?
I personally wouldn’t begrudge Mayo an All-Ireland. Most of their genuine fans recognise how good Dublin are currently.


If Rochford stays next year he has to go with own his team and make the ruthless calls by dropping like of AOS. I don’t think is he is fully command of team and players are doing their own thing. Discipline is a massive issue which hasn’t been tackled. He failed to give youth a chance too. The young players are first taken off in game or dropped when things not going right. Would keep Moran as sub for last 20 minutes. DOC would offer a lot at midfield but along with his brother the tantrums need to be cut out by Rochford or whoever takeover him.


Rochford is a busted flush. Needs to be gone. They need a new start with someone who’ll cut away the chaff ruthlessly. That won’t be Rochford


Youd wonder how Mayo might have fared had McStay gotton the job . Maybe an outside influence is needed to be more ruthless as you say .As much of a laugh as it would be for Jimmy to get the job , I’d say he wouldnt be too short slicing up that team .