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Jaysus, poor Diarmo still getting blamed for everything!!

H&C hardly got the chance to have much impact on the essential approach of that squad to the way they play and organise themselves, that’s in fact possibly one of the reasons they got booted, that they wanted to change things too much from how they were under Horan, though that was probably mostly to do with how the players perceived the quality of their coaching/the chances of success with them.

I mentioned it above, 2015 goes down as Mayo’s worst year of the past 7 after this year. Even though they won Connaught, they were never further away from Sam, they were muck the first day in the semifinal against us, even with us trying out a new system and only just getting to grips with it, til they got the get-out-of-jail-free cards from McQuillan and Dublin losing discipline. Ultimately they lost the replay by 5 or 6 more points than any other championship game that they lost against us in the era.


One thing I couldn’t understand is in the 2015 semi final first game when we scored the penalty and then Andy got the point…teams were level. H&C brought on Mikey Sweeney who wouldn’t be rated here at i gervkunty level…his shot to go a point up was blocked.

The likes of Dillon on the bench would have been a much better option. The game ended in a draw and well Ye won the replay as usual


Jack Mc blocked that and was up there with one of the best blocks I’ve ever seen. Don’t think you can blame the kicker. It was fantastic defending


Sounds like some place Up the Dall or Rufus would be found training a local juvenile team. :wink:

What I’m really getting at is the overall quality of performance in those two games compared to pretty much all other semi-finals and finals since 2011. Even the 2012 final after the first few minutes was a bit better. Getting a winning score when the major games against the top opposition were in the clutch was not confined to 2015, the 2014 semi-final under Horan, and the 2016 final replay and 2017 final under Rochford were similar. The main point about the 2015 drawn game was that Mayo were really poor that day and would have deserved to lose by 5-7 points no argument.


Charlie is causing a bit of a meltdown already on Twitter with this one :joy::joy::joy:


G’wan Charlie :clap::joy:


You effin good thing Charlie!


Some of the meltdowns are incredible. There’s one lad, from Kildare ironically enough, complaining that no fact checking was done on this article. :joy::joy::joy:

And then there’s this beaut

Amazing angling from Charlie


Passed Charlie yesterday out walking the dog , had a big smile on his face , must be loving this :joy:


I won’t post links but I see that Tommy Conlon and Eamon Sweeney have written two very contrasting articles about ourselves. Do these two boys meet on a weekly basis to decide the good cop bad cop routine? :grin:


Joe Brolly has a great article today kicking McGuinness around. A wonderful read.


Joe brolly and great article are not compatible. He eulogised mcguinness until it did nt suit his agenda. The dismissal of sports science is nonsense too. No team should be ruled by it but it is an important aid to a team if used properly.


I’m with Joe on that.


Yeah why would you want some knowledge that’s evidence based when sure just give it a lash and ye ll be grand.


You think sports science beat us in 2014 ?


The world got on just fine without sports science for millennia. Wankers with clip boards have not added to Gaelic Games. The best hurlers usually win. The stats men and sweepers win little or nothing. Read the article!


I read the article thanks. The best hurlers always win , wankers with clipboards , not exactly an argument.


I think it is actually!


Sports science is knowledge with the best evidence available. It’s good for recovery , finding out about the athletic qualities of your players , fluid intake , injury prevention etc, stats if used analyses properly are valuable. It’s good enough for Jim Gavin . It’s only part of the game . To dismiss it out of hand a la Brolly is foolish imo. Why would you ignore an area that can provide you with the data to have your players in the best shape possible.


My opinion would be in that of WOTH83’s too. These are not the be all and end all of modern sports, but you will win feck all if you don’t include sports science in the modern top level games.