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So you and Brolly know more than all the top sports coaches of the last 100 years or so. They re all just bluffers. You are a big rugby fan are nt you , you should tell joe Schmidt he s got it all wrong. He does nt need all those coaches to beat the all blacks. Just fling it around .


He must have a slow dog…


I was walking the dog :grin:


If the dog got proper input from sport science it would move quicker.


Sounds like the dog is a lazy ■■■■■■■ and doesn’t want it enough.


A few pints and a pep talk from Brolly dog be sorted.


A weekend around an army obstacle course will sort him out, Davy style.


When you can tell me the particular aspect of his article with which you disagree, then I will be have something to reply to.


Naivety and no Ger Brennan. Best lesson we ever got.


I disagree with the narrative of his article, that there is nothing to be gained from science and he misses the whole point of what sports science brings to the preparation of a team. Donegal won an all Ireland under McGuinness and reached a final in another. A great return for that county . Yet mcguiness is s bluffer cause they were beaten in other years. Of course it’s not the be and end all and other factors come into play. But to dismiss it as bullshit is ignorant nonsense. Not much point having a great left foot if you are too knackered at the end to get to the ball in the first place. Great managers take what they need from all aspects of the game and use it to their advantage.


Brennan and Bastick were huge losses for that game.


What a horrible tweet from that Eoin2BV . That could be the poster dont matter from as account is pure anti dublin tripe


Don’t normally lower myself, but this prick was responding on twitter about the amount of steps taken for KK goal, he was saying he teaches kids to take 5 steps etc.
Just had to add the above to the thread as a reminder…


Think MDMA was just back from injury too.


I know lads dont like stuff been posted from the innuendo, but an interesting read. I vaguely recall this.


The oracle :sunglasses:
""He told us that his aim was to win three All-Irelands in the next three years.

“He had the goal set out and he had it planned out to a tee how that was going to happen.”

2 out 3 ain’t bad


Maybe he meant to say that he wanted to win three All Irelands in three years?

He just forgot to specify WHAT three years.

Yeah. Let’s go with that. :wink:


Yeah but his o byrne cup record is just shocking. Winning all Ireland’s is all fine but what about January Jim? :smiley:


Oh I dunno.

I always feel really sorry for the poor sap who has to hold the O’Byrne Perpetual Misery Cup at the homecoming celebrations. It’s so…well…puny compared to Sam, Bob & whatever the league trophy is called. Lad holding it always looks like the fat kid at school, that gets picked last for the Sports Day relay race. Dead happy to be there, but he’d much rather be holding something else. Or maybe he’s just hungover from the night before. :smile:


For “some counties” read “some managers”. Won’t even wait for the year to be out and see how clubs get on later in the year before trying to torpedo it.