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Fair play indeed, interesting considering Deegan felt that Lee Keegan’s black in the final replay was a mistake but he was subsequently corrected by the GAA itself.


I dunno - it was obviously a foul that he didn’t see. Should we get him on 98FM and ask should Dublin have had a free in when Twinkle-Toes O’Mahony flattened Philly? Where do you stop?


I’m sure he was answering direct questions put to him. Perhaps your one didn’t get there on time! :wink:


Refs get a lot of calls wrong which tend to balance out. Unless you’re from Kerry - then they all go against you and cost you all Irelands … see Joe McQuillan (2011), see David Gough (2016) … :roll_eyes:


Will remind you of this later in the year!!! :wink:


Only Kerry and Mayo would have articles written by referees saying they made mistakes that favoured Dublin months after the event, and that’s down to the constant pressure and propoganda they spout against refs, to gain any sort of edge. You would think one mistake against their own team was all that happened in a game.


I think its slowly getting to the stage where no teams will be happy with the selection of refs in our games come the business end of the championship . Having said that I still have nightmares about Maurice Deegan following our semi loss to Cork in '10…


I blame McQuillen and he was the linesman.


Kerry’s list of officials who are PNG has grown exponentially since 2002. The levels of paranoia have gone beyond the JOC/Galvin CCCC days, and that’s saying something.


Hope this is ok to show here without any copyright infringement, feel free MODS to pull if you think it is.

Just wanted to highlight an exceptional montage of Deano and Barney. Very well done.


That’s not coming up right on my screen. The colour is faded from the left side of the picture and the jersey is all funny.


No thats just your dodgy left eye…


Very well done , who can we give the credit to for that .


I think its the Herald that ran it. Great piece of potato shopping. I wonder can we come ups with one for Aido?


Ah well at least Mammy is great.


Amazing that…talk about a chip of the old block.

Too often kids of great players never reach the same heights…no issues here.


A chip of the old rock is more like it! :+1:t2:


Indeed - them two Brogan lads - not a patch on Berno senior. James McCarthy - pale shadow of John. Jack Mc - only trotting after Noel … but fast.


Boom boom!

It can’t be easy for Dean Rock being told he’s like his da…I get people telling me all the time I’m a spit of a young George Clooney.


Well I knew of the Brogans…but never knew about Jack McC.

Peter C has a few boys and one was in the underage side. There was an assumption/hope he’d be the same.

Only father and son I can think off-hand…would be the McGuigans.