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Short memories. They’ve forgotten about James Horan’s interference, yeah?


At least Jim waits till AFTER the match!!they are the most deluded set of supporters. They really believe that refs are the reason they haven’t won. Long may that mentality continue. It’s a losers mentality.


this is the same blog/comments section who regularly assert that referees have it in for them and only they ones they like should police mayo matches?




or his appearing on a dozen outlets between the final and replay last year.

they are an amazingly blinkered mob.


the only crazy thing here is why anyone would read the Mayo blog - stay away from all that shite lads


Don’t go near it myself and they blocked me from reading their tweets, poor diddums.

The irony is that your man who runs it lives in Dublin…


It’s like a form of torture but it gives me a giggle!






I’ve never visited it but I’d imagine it’s much more entertaining than anything from the publication or website known as The Irish Independent, after which, this thread is named.


the only times i’d be interested - and then for entertainment value - is around our matches with mayo. that said, it also goes into paranoid overdrive when they play kerry, roscommon and galway. Oh, and Tyrone.

they have no problems with bitter from brazil, Judas John in Cork,, off the boil and the portlaoise prat. I have no idea what those bodies of men would have in common.

They dislike all other media, except for Colm Keys, although he had turned against them now as well.

They have suspicions that if it wasn’t for the print media, the gaa, the referees, the DRA, the sunday game, league sunday, RTE in general, big money and the longevity of some old players they would have won every all ireland since 2012.

They have been hypnotised, perhaps by Jim Gavin, for whom they have fond regard, into never noticing any ex-Mayo players or management on any media platform whatsoever and if you mention it to them all you will get is sound but no picture.

like I say, very entertaining!


Judas John I like that i like that a lot! :+1:t2:


In a nutshell!!!


Had a read of the mayo blog in the interest of cultural understanding. One guy reckons put a few quid on Aido for player of the year as he is chomping at the bit! He has a big man in Kirby to help him out so a little heat is of him. The poor fella carrying nearly a century of pressure on his wide shoulders.


The Kerry mafia in the media says whelo… that’s its big blue put them big white gloves back on and smack them Kerry media boys back down to the little kingdom :joy:


Tomás Ó Sé: I have nothing against Tadhg Kennelly, but I just hate what he’s doing

They hadn’t got a problem with him when he took time off from being a professional athlete in Oz to come back and win an all Ireland with them nor taking the head off Nicholas Murphy , ah what comes around goes around .


In fairness O Sevis spot on


Totally different things. It’s one thing to head off on your own. It’s another to actively recruit lads away, especially from your own county.

You don’t have to disagree with everything a journalist/pundit says simply because of where they are from


The O’Se’s, amongst many others from Kerry lauded TK’s “fairytale” return and helping Kerry win the AI. K’s attitude at the time, and just after the All-I (what he said about the Murphy incident, implicating his team-mate as well saying he told Galvin the night before he was going to do Murphy, whatever that meant, in the aftermath of what he did it was very poor form to have said that), and then what he went on to say and the way he said it in interviews with Aussie TV for example, where he basically laughed it all off in a very smug and disrespectful way.

It was IMO not in keeping with the spirit of the game, nor the great traditions of Kerry GAA/football. Subsequently he has gone on to hurt his home county in a big way in terms of players going to Oz. You could include the Tommy Walsh story in that too. So I would agree that Tomas can be clearly asked, “what goes around…?” I think this was one of a couple of things at least from that era/that Kerry team that did not reflect well on Kerry GAA, and subsequently some of those who contribute in the media have further compounded this.