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DUP-light is a beer?


Or as Ian P once famously described alcohol…the Devil’s buttermilk.

But apart from their views on creationism, dinosaurs, equal marriage, homosexuality, religious tolerance etc…they’re 100%.


Very troubling


No surprise. Same in every country. The rich control the media and dictate the message. They also write the history books. How else would there be such a huge transfer of wealth from the 99% to the 1%? They are criminals but very good at what they do.


Not sure where to put this but terrible news from Donegal tonight suggesting that 4 young Men have been killed in a car crash.

Shocking history of this type of incident in County Donegal.



Terrible stuff four young men gone in such a senseless way. Unfortunately an all to common occurrence in Donegal.


Could we start a Go-Fund me page? My heart bleeds…

A government minister has claimed he and his wife “simply couldn’t afford” a commercial rates bill of more than €15,800 for their pub after a local authority had a judgment registered against their business.

The Fine Gael TD earns €129,854 per annum as a junior minister, and employs his wife Niamh as his secretarial assistant on a State-paid salary of up to €44,726 a year.


I’d be more up for starting a go ■■■■ your self page for that poor unfortunate junior minister.


Clearly, an example of why there are too many TD’s and Senators in Ireland. The man is not fit for parliament, never mind a junior ministry.


If he can’t manage whilst owning a pub and having around €170,000 coming into the house, how does he expect the rest of us to get by? How can he vote for water charges etc for the ordinary folk?


because he is a pox. Like the rest of Fine Gael.



anyone see charlie “blueblood” o’flanagan on primetime last night? the most sickening speel of drivel i’ve heard in a while and i don’t say that lightly.


the derry girls have a debenhams in the background, ever-so-british, and the wee orange lass has a “32 Republic” dubs jersey on. reconciliation??


You made me look again!


not at charlie o’flanagan i hope.


They are a busted flush. Totally found out. The party of law and order? Fiscal prudence? Probity and transparency? All lies.


Only one busted and boring flush around here.


Are you having a pop?