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To keep Cork people in.

Guy got there before me.


Sure what would the Dutch know about such matters?


Time was when you could just stick your finger in a dyke …


Yeah… you’d imagine they’d be inundated with requests for advice.


I’m sure they’d be happy with both, bloody narcissists.


No chance of that issue receding either.


Listened to a good debate on the Syria attacks.

The argument wasn’t so much whether it was right or wrong…but more the inconsistency from the UK govt.

On one hand they’re concerned about innocent civilians in Syria…but on the other they keep schtum on Yemen which was described by the UN as the biggest humanitarian disaster this year.

Also turns out the UK are a major arms supplier to Saudi Arabia…the state that’s bombing Yemen.

Also the question was asked why we aren’t outraged when tens of thousands are killed by high explosives as we are with hundreds being killed from chemicals.


From the independent.

Hard not to draw the conclusion that if you’re a dictator and want to avoid being bombed by the West…well, buy your weapons from them.

“Last year, the UK Government considered suspending arms sales after a strike in October 2016 killed 140 civilians attending a funeral. In the end, Britain, which has sold around $3.8bn of weapons to Saudi Arabia over the past two years and is its biggest supplier of arms, decided to continue with the sales.

In May, US President Donald Trump visited Saudi Arabia where he delivered a major speech before Muslim leaders and announced multiple agreements between American and Saudi companies, including between the Saudi oil giant Aramco.

“That was a tremendous day. Tremendous investments in the United States,” he said. “Hundreds of billions of dollars of investments into the United States and jobs, jobs, jobs.”


The bbc ridiculed corbyn for suggesting that selling arms to the saudis was perhaps not such a great idea, they mocked him in a ‘if we don’t take the money, someone else will’ which is more then a touch hypocritical.


Given the scale of the disaster in Yemen…I’ve yet to see a human-piece article from the BBC linking the suffering of innocent civilians to weapons made in GB.


What part of Tyrone is the factory in?


I refuse to rise to the bait.

But if you really want to know it’s outside of Iberoo.

Yes, it really exists.


That not a character in Jungle Book???



All 10 residents will be very angry at this slur.


As I said on a bother thread, arms sales and hypocrisy make the EU/US look sillier than ever. Israel hopping on board too. Ffs. Yemen was carpetbombed by Saudi with American bombs. Israel uses chemical weapons on Palestinian kids. Then that Cnut Trump and Auld May need to get their own constituencies back onside so they bomb Syria, having armed ISIS therein. Jesus wept.



A Bank making recommendations. ■■■■ right of cunty baws.


Ah come on … if it wasn’t for the banks we wouldn’t be where we aren’t today.


True… we have a lot to be grateful for. Right now I’m going to do a drummer… and pull a figure from me arse. 85% gratefulness


As Boy George said to Jon Moss…
(Younger Ressers: ask your parents, this is a top notch 80’s reference)