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Who should buy them the houses huh? Nobody bought my house for me.


Might I respectfully suggest you apply the same forensic analysis to SF’s policies. Because some of it is off the wall stuff.

The Left in Ireland are hugely confused. Unlike the Left in every other country, especially the countries of the Nordic region, where social democracy is a way of life, run a high tax, high spend form of government. SF and the rest in this country seem to believe that you can low tax and high spend. Perhaps that is what Tayto means by economic illiteracy. Every time it is suggested that we pay a little more for the services we are provided with it’s the Left who have a problem with it.

And please don’t tell me we pay already. No country with a national debt of €200 billion is paying for much of anything.


With due respect that is your opinion. It is not fact.

€20 billion a year is being paid out in various forms of social welfare in this country. That is hardly doing nothing. And don’t forget whose money that is.

No government anywhere can be responsible for every single citizen and every single problem that they have.


No country has a perfect health service or solved homelessness, the Scandinavian’s come about as close as anyone but they still have issues and they pay tax to a degree which Irish people will not tolerate.


Yes that’s why I said ‘To me’ at the start of the sentence. The government is presiding over massive inequality and doing little to rectify it. We could build social housing in the last century when we hadn’t a washer. Now they choose not to. Thousand a of hospital beds were closed in the 80s and never replaced, albeit that out population has increased hugely.


That last sentence, I don’t know what you meant?


Comparison of Homelessness rates


Important to realize that far from being special, the challenges we face are typical enough, calling people sociopaths for not solving all of society’s problems is a bit ott


This is gas. ‘The left’ who have never run the country, whereas as FF/FG and LAB who have and have repeatedly ran it into the ground.

The crazy left no less. Crazy is doing what we did with the banks etc. That’s crazy. Ha!



For what it is worth Tayto, I believe that there are sociopaths in governments across the planet, who act the part until they achieve power and who don’t really give a shit about other people, especially the poor/weak.


Thousands of people buy their homes for €200/300+ thousands while others ring Joe Duffy and demand housing. Is that not inequality?


The only left that is applicable too Labour is that they left a mess behind. Labour are champagne lying socialists. Not worth dog shit.


Do you honestly think that anyone that has a need for social housing is sponging off the state?


What would the State do if everybody wanted to be provided with housing - genuinely.


Bu not everyone wants the state to provide them with housing. But there clearly is a need to provide for those who simply cant get onto the property ladder in any way. And I’m not talking about social housing how about affordable housing?


The biggest problem I see is that more and more people are just not going to be able to afford homes.


So what do we do? Leave a whole generation of people paying landlords rent? personally I think Fine gael have failed miserably on the housing crisis. And its not just homeless people that haven’t got a pot to piss in its working class people who are earning decent wages and young professionals who are also earning good salaries that have been let down. Murphy and the big bullshitter from Castleknock have failed miserably.


What’s your solution then? We hadn’t a pot to piss In for years. The provision of social housing stopped a long time. You can’t ramp it up overnight. And then add in what you are saying - that working people cannot afford homes. It also strikes me that people are now questioning why they spend their whole working life paying for a house. What’s the point?


I don’t know, but that is a hypothetical question because we will never have a situation where everybody needs a house supplied. What the government do have is a responsibility to provide social housing to the thousands of genuine people who cannot get onto the property ladder because the policy of allowing the free market, ie property developers and vulture funds to constantly drive renting beyond the means of working people. I’m not talking of giving houses to freeloaders or spongers, but that is a problem for our social welfare system and our approach to paying out to everyone, but that does not absolve the government of responsibility to create a system where workers in the state can actually afford to live.,and if that requires social housing then so be it.