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Ramp it up over night? Where the 80,000 odd ghost houses / estates that was lying vacant around the country? Sold to the vulture fund on the right. In over ten years we either had to much now we don’t have nothing.

How about we get back to proving social housing. Like we did from the 40’s - 90’s.


This. I agree on this.


The rich have decided that the rest of us have not been sufficiently enslaved. Their current plan is that we cannot be permitted to afford to own our own homes from now on. They operate as vulture funds, hoarding and buying up land and property, aided and abetted by FF AND FG in the Irish context. They hope that we will bow down and succumb …that we will stop aspiring to own our own home and then pay rent forever. They are winning hands down. Just ask NAMA - the c#nts.


Such nonsense there.


I agree too. The problem is that this cohort of people is growing all the time while supply is next to non existent. The housing need in the State had changed utterly but the supply model remains the same - it can’t work.


Why don’t you try to prove my theory wrong then? There is a huge increase across the planet, in the amount of wealth owned by a few. In many other parts of Europe, people less and less own their own properties- usually apartments. The narrative in Ireland is that it is inefficient to have gardens anymore and sure shared kitchens will do. Things are getting worse and people have less of a chance to own property than their parents had. Vulture funds have bought up huge tracts of land and houses. Now prove me wrong, if you can.


What do you suggest and thats a genuine question? Because right now I’m thinking how the ■■■■ is my kids going to afford a house of their own.


Most European countries never had the ownership levels we have.


That is absolutely untrue. We were the ones who historically were not allowed to own property in our own country.


Well that’s the point and frankly am I going to encourage mine to put a financial millstone around their neck for life to live in a dog box? I think not. We need to move to a much greater level of affordable housing with huge State investment imo.


It is absolutely true. I am talking house ownership here - not the Plantation


Funny how history is repeating itself. People fought for the right to own your home/ land under British Rule.

Now we fight to own our homes/land under Irish and Vulture Fund Rule…



This is true. But they don’t have a situation where rent on an average family home or apartment costs as much if not more than a mortgage either. The problem in this country is that rents have been allowed to spiral out of the reach of ordinary people, and rental yields here are well above those on the continent


Yeah there’s a number of factors but it has reduced affordability and hugely increased demand for social/affordable housing. This need to be recognised and policy changed accordingly. There is in effect a middle tier that needs government intervention if they are to realise home ownership.


One of the main problems caused by the lack of social housing is that people who would traditionally benefit from it are now forced into the rental market, along with the newly weds and young families that would normally have been the renters of the past. This overcrowding of the rental sector has seen rent prices rocket in recent years, with demand far outstripping supply,and until a big percentage can be removed from the rental market the problem will remain.


and the govt take a nice chunk of this rental income - unless your a hedge fund where they take less.


You hear the old “its the market rent” line trotted out by the landlord/parasite groups. but the truth is that when rents are going up and landlords costs aren’t, it is because greedy pox-bottles are cashing in on the misery of ordinary people.
Arbitary maximum rents need to be set with a 100% tax on any income above that level, time to say No Mas to price gouging parasite landlords. And if they dont like it, fook them!


Connolly was right when he said merely swapping one flag for another isn’t worth a wank.


Fairly topical