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One of his lesser known quotes? :wink:


Speaking of which, bit of an Irish/RTE …fest going on over the latest chiseller


wonder hoe ross o carroll-kelly… yo know loike sorry? murphy will respond to this.


Pearse insisted they touch up the language before publication.


channel 4 news just did a report on homeless deaths in the Uk, no one counts the number of death. Believe it or not. New group is starting to count the numbers and since October there have been 78 homeless deaths. Astonishing.


A bit like Parnell’s rough draft
“No ■■■■ has the right to fix the boundary to the march of a nation…”




Gender neutral pejorative?

Oh ok then…a feckin’ “man”

Happy now ?

#DeathToThePatriarchy :wink:


So do you have a minimum rent also that people have to pay when the arse falls out of it ?

I have a house in galway.
Couldn’t sell when I moved back to dublin due to neg equity.
Rent it out and it just clears the mortgage which is on a tracker. After mortgage is paid I have to pay 2.5k tax as well as other bills. I’d say if I raised the rent by 350/400 a month id break even. (House a couple of doors up is looking for 550 a month more than me a month)

Some landlords take the piss. Some Tennants wreck houses and expect everything in return.


Excellent! And if not a bounder, certainly a cad or a rake!



Yet again the perpetrator tries to get himself killed after the attack. At least now information can be obtained.


Followed this Horrific incident across the net. What really stands out is how the media react to the incident, nearly all run with the same sterilised language e.g. “a van has hit people”, " too early to say was it an accident or not ", “Canada is a multicultural, welcoming society” . It comes across as the mainstream media are on script, guided in how to cover stories in tone and theme. Meanwhile the 9 people who lost their lives, the many injured and their families are another group of victims who will soon fade into the background like so many before them as these tragic, horrific incidents become too frequent.


What else are the media suppose to say? These attacks are becoming more frequent and a good few of them have nothing to do with terrorism.


The media are to be independent and report the truth, in a true democracy.
All these attacks are terrorism. When a person intentionally uses a vehicle to target and kill civilians, going about their lawful business its terrorism.


The media are in the main private businesses whose sole aim is to make a profit. There is no such thing as an independent media in this scenario - quite the opposite in fact - and the sooner this is realised and accepted the better.


I dont agree, if a person loses his mind for whatever reason and decides to do something like this, it cannot be compared with a premeditated plan to inflict terror. According to what you are saying any violent act could be called terrorism.


Surely an attack has to be politically motivated to qualify as terrorism?


No I certainly did not say any violent act is terrorism.
Secondly being of sound mind might be a mitigating factor, but it does not remove from the fact if an act of terrorism was committed.


ideological and religious motivation would fall into the premeditated category would they not?