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Correct on both accounts . The rent tax relief though is worth a couple of €100 though if combined over a few years . I think you can only claim back like 4 years previously or something.

Yeah , seems it was 5 years up to 2017 & is gone now .


No it does not have to be part of a movement, for example the Unabomber.
Your original statement was, "surely an attack has to be politically motivated to qualify as terrorism" , do you accept religious and/ or ideological motivation too?, as I have asked you.
My original point, was to do with how the main stream media (msn) are covering these incidents, and I believe they are being directed by national governments and their agency’s, to report in a particular way. While we may disagree on what a complete definition of terrorism is, I personally believe that we are getting state propaganda and not news from our msm in a lot of the reporting. If we are in a true democracy, the news media should report independently, or are our citizens not to be trusted.


Unabomber is a fair point. Yes religious and/or ideological cover it so. But i still think that is different to someone losing the plot and going on a rampage (with a car or a gun) eg the school shooter recently, or the vegas shooter before compared to an ongoing premeditated campaign like the unabomber or isis. Not sure i’d classify the one off shooters as terrorists. Every bit as bad as terrorists but in a slightly different pigeon hole. some people love a conspiracy and the mainstream media are an easy target.


Can you explain, are the figures shown per year or per month. €80 tax back for on a whole years rent seems miserly, but not unbelievable.


per year,

its been scaled back over the years and only applied to someone living in the same rented property before the end of 2010


It is nothing really but it adds up over the years . And it’s better in your pocket than in someone else’s . Money for nothing really in a round about way .


And your :hatching_chick: :hatching_chick:for free?


Rent free ? I don’t know if you can claim that if your on the social if that’s what you mean .


I’m sure if you were in the school at the time you would.
Do you not believe the state and its agencies give or have given direction to the media in how to report particular news stories ?
When you say " some people love a conspiracy and the mainstream media are an easy target", I see that as someone throwing out a cliché to cynically undermine a serious point being made on democracy and terrorism.


@Unbelievable Pretty dire straits around here, when the likes of ye are missing puns. :wink:


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The optimist in me I should have known, cheers.


I accept your point, it’s certainly better than nothing, but considering the amount of a persons income going on rent in a market were their is little or no alternative €80 tax relieve on a possible €10000 spend for what is a necessity is totally draconian


It happens in every walk of life.


There’s a difference between an event which it is terrifying to get caught up in and terrorism. Obviously the school shooting is terrifying. But it’s not terrorism. Not to me anyway.

The difference is nothing more then semantics/nuance and hardly worth a cover up.

So you would prefer every shooting to be called terrorism? Would you prefer the media jumped in and made assumptions about the attacker?

Really don’t think it makes a difference, hardly the most pressing point.


It’s a pitance alright when you take into account what the landlord isn’t paying tax on their rental income if they aren’t registered .Generally speaking, you’ll pay either 20% or 40% tax on your net rental income.
My friend is in a shared house & pays about €1300 a month . By those figures the landlord is saving €6240 a year if at the 40% tax bracket .And that’s not including the PTRB charges either .


One of the basic differences for me between terrorism and somebody carrying out an attack due to a mental disorder etc… is the possibility of a repeat attack, if for example , the guy that carried out the attack yesterday was a terrorist, Canada will have to step up it’s security as it has now become a target for such attacks, if it was the other case there is probably no need to tighten security as a repeat is far less likely.


50% in reality when you add PRSI and USC


Even better . In reality it is a great way of building up
a nest egg for later in life .


Everyone thinks everyone else is falling for propaganda these days. it smacks of internet tinfoil hat conspiracy theories, i’m The only one who can see through it, the rest of you are fools! FOOOLS I TELLSKYA! :joy: