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Are you confusing what someone might refer to as a conspiracy, and what someone might refer to as a cover up. While a conspiracy might envolve a cover up and vice Versa, they are two different things?. Would genuinely appreciate if you could clarify.
In answer to your questions, I wouldn’t prefer every shooting to be called terrorism and secondly I have said the opposite regarding the media, I asked for independence and truth from them.


Is she really Dena Grayson …or is she the personification of denigration?


Yes. I’m laughing at your cover-up theory.


Ha, i meant to get the tweet she was tweeting, from CNN.


Really ! Because I didn’t have a cover up theory, but hey enjoy the laugh :+1:


Would that include a professional soldier in a warzone? Being honest I understand where you are coming from, but the reality is the true definition does not include everything. Terrorism gets its name from methods used trying to put fear and terror into society…


Not quite so I would say, because individual attacks like this are surely influenced by the recent spate of ISIS directly influenced attacks. This sort of thing didn’t happen on this scale prior to the similar ISIS attacks.Therefore more likely to happen again, anywhere.


A new one on me, bunch of nerds I expect :nerd_face:s


Are they based out in Celbridge or Leixlip?


Absolute quality! I hope they’re not like Duracel…


F**kin’ hell.

Have they never heard of prostitutes?


Or Oliver St John Gogarty’s?


Or the ceilidh in The Merchant?


Exactly. Doesn’t sound like anything sending over a few hen parties from Essex couldn’t sort out.


Good man Leo. You’ll say you took advice from officials etc…thoughts and prayers…



I’m trying to work out whether clueless Harris is more Just William or Adrian Mole? He needs to be let off to spend the confo money and they should trial having an adult as Minister for Health.


Kerry’s shame again


This guy is a fruit cake .
This the same guy who says it’s OK for people to have a few pints & drive home . But he’s opposing a safer mode of transport to get people home which means they can now go for drinks & not feel so isolated.


Maith thú Ceann Comhairle