Irish Politics


Absolutely deplorable behaviour by Healy Rae. Politics of the most sickening, self serving kind.

Can they not go to a pub and socialise without a drink if social interaction is what they want?

And imagine how anyone who has lost a loved one to a drink driver must feel?



Even worse that he is a rural publican, so all this rural drinking stuff is 100% self serving.


Self serving … I like it.


Fair play to Pat The Cope


is that a pun … oh oh! :joy:


Close … it’s a pub …


Its straight from the Trump playbook, say something outrageous and pretend you’re the little peoples champion while simultaneously lining your own pockets.

The Healey-Raes pretend to be gombeen men, but are a pair of calculating clever operators in their own right


Yer dead right. They are far from stupid. Though the fat one with the beard annoys the shite out of me. I’d wish he would ■■■■ right of to any one of his businesses.


The Healy-Rae clan own land, businesses, a pub etc. They are far from stupid. Some are very respectable in fact!

When they go to a funeral, they sign the book of condolence in green, so it will stand out. Even Bertie never thought of that!


I think it’s about time these shysters got their own thread to update on their dealings .


Well done to the local objectors who kept all these job out of the area


And they’ll wonder why it’s so lonely… (genuinely, please accept the pun on this occasion).
NIMBY-ism at its worst.


A few days after Kimmage’s negative article. Coincidence … hmmm


Very interesting to see who the firm of solicitors acting on Haggarty behalf are.


It is indeed. Never expected that!


Bit of an odd one for obvious reasons


Not really the legal profession will represent anyone if there is money in it for them.


If??? There is always money in it for them …


Go ■■■■ yourselves


If anyone is in anyway familiar with Beitar Jerusalem this should come as no surprise. An absolutely horrible club