Irish Politics


The world has gone mad


Well done Donnie sterling job “slow hand clap”

There was a reason previous Presidents didn’t do this


25 dead now in latest reports.


37 now according to RTE


The grass must be growing too high again.


That’s nuts


Because of course

This says as much about Netanyahu. He should be reminded of this the next time he tries to play the Anti Semitism card at the slightest legitimate criticism of Israeli Govt actions


52 dead now including 8 kids. Netanyahu is an evil evil human being


Absolute bastards.



That will not end well …


If Malia or Sasha Obama did even 1/10th of the stuff Ivanka has done the Republicans would have had the mother of all meltdowns.

Nepotism at its worst


Israel clearly making the most of having the full support of a lunatic.





They’re learning from the trump/Russian tactics now where you just blatantly lie and counter accuse and brazen it out. Dangerous times.


I presume he means Hamas are responsible because they organised and supported the protest


Really hope we get to see this piece of shit do a perp walk



Nearly 50 years after protesters in this country were gunned down in cold blood we are witnessing the same thing with the apparent blessing of the ‘free world’. The actions of the IDF are reprehensible - the lack of outrage is incomprehensible.