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Yet another atrocity committed by the IDF.


The press are rarely free in this world. I listened to RTE radio news at 6pm and you’d swear Hamas were shooting unarmed Israelis. The way language is used is key. Instead of saying ‘the occupied territories’ which is what our newsreaders used to say, they now say ‘the disputed territories’ which is what Fox News (LIES!!) has been saying for years. Instead of the Israeli Army, it’s the IDF. Etc. They have snipers picking off people who are in a large cage. At times like this, I can understand lads strapping bombs to themselves and saying ‘Enough is enough. We’ll bring fear to your door’. Eight children shot, by trained snipers. Not accidental. War crimes.


Of course you don’t…


That’s very wrong of you, their learning from nobody, it’s long been their modis operandi. You regularly cheerlead the E.U, Hillarys America and this free state, their is a price for that. Today it’s Palestinians and Syrians, cheaply dismissed, when or if it comes knocking on your door the standards will change, but most likely by then, it’s too too late. A mealy mouthed statement from the free state of uselessness, was it for this our patriots died ?.



I think you’ve misunderstood me. I am saying Israel have learned from trump & Russia = just lie blatantly. Saying hamas did this is taking things to a new level. 1 Israeli soldier lightly wounded and the massacre 50 civilians and 2000 more wounded.

Where have I cheerlead for Hilary Clinton? She was the lesser of two poor candidates but this shitfest was sparked by that trump arsehole. That’s not cheerleading for Clinton it’s a statement of fact.


The best thing about Clinton is that she was not trump. Oh and she has a brain.


Israel are learning from nobody, they are masters of death, murdering unarmed civilians, young, old or sick has been their want. They have operated outside of all international norms and are allowed to operate outside of international treaties. They have behaved in this manner long before trump. As for Russia, we took action against Russia with scant evidence in a scenario where no one died, compare that to 53 people murdered, at least 8 of which are children under16 and another 2700 injured for unarmed protest. Forget about trump, Russia, E.U this is horrific, it’s intorable and all right minded people should make a stand to stop this. The reaction from Ireland should be immediate and strong.


Both of them are bad for the world. Choice is would you like a bullett in your left ear or right ear, same result.


Don’t agree. She would not have moved the embassy for starters so none of this would be going on.


How do you know that?


She is not an idiot.


From a diplomatic and military perspective, it is argued that strategically she would have been a poorer president as she is predictable. Just what the enemy desire.


I would argue she has idiotic traits or would you call that loyalty.


She is no angel by any means but she is a far more competent diplomat than trump. Moving the embassy is a totally unnecessary & counterproductive move, totally undermines what little progress there has been in the two state solution/peace process. Absolute idiocy.


Argued by whom? Trump is underming nato and his traditional allies. Brilliant strategy … if you are Putin.


I dismiss both of them, while you argue Hillary is good because she is better than trump. She isn’t good, she is a warmonger and would probably have much more people dead through unnecessary wars if she had managed to beat trump in the election. Attached is an article from Forbes, make what you want from it.
Ps. Tayto nothing personal👍


Nothing personal at all.

I know she is a hawk. I’m not a fan of hers particularly, Except that she is not trump. Imho he is dangerously ignorant of virtually everything.

this embassy move is just pointless & wrong and has inflamed the situation needlessly. Trumps fawning to the right of his party is dangerous.


The lack of outcry is almost as big a crime as what the Israeli occupying army are doing. What irks me most is the media narrative what this is a fairly even, two-sided conflict. It’s not. It is mass murder. One side has locked up the other and is shooting them, quite deliberately.


The narrative we are getting is dispicable, question it, find the agenda. The Palestinian massacre perpetrated by Israel is being sanitised on our news feeds, look at euronews, BBC and CNN. The video they are showing, the language they are using, it’s conditioning in the extreme and sadly it works. No sanction from E.U nations, history has thought us nothing and the poor and the weak are cannon fodder again.


I can’t wait until the next Fine Gaeler knocks on my door. They always ask if there’s any questions we have for them.

Pascal me aul flower
Why has the FG led government never once come out and condemnded Israel for its actions against the Palestinian people?
Why has the government never taken any action in solidarity with the people of the world against genocide?
Does Fine Gael think ethnic cleansing is wrong? If so why no public stance/statement on it?
Why was the Russian Ambassador expelled over hearsay and the Israeli ambassador is welcome to stay despite the atrocities against civilians?

Hold on pascal I’m not finished yet I haven’t even got to the McCabe cover up or the cervical screening scandal.

Good aul Fine Gael ye couldn’t make it up.