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German EU commissioner Oettinger says “markets will teach the Italians a lesson”. @RiegertBernd then deletes the tweet, quite understandably.


Feckin eejit :roll_eyes:


Even if it’s true?


If the likes of this guy (Soros) are using scare tactics then people will hopefully see through it for what it is.


It is true, but a German telling them that is going to go down like a lead balloon.


Scare tactics? He’s just saying he thinks there are challenges ahead. He is very much pro EU.


It’s economic and political scare tactics. It’s laying the foundations for radical policies and I’ll wager it won’t be policies that will be good for most people or societies.
He dresses it up as concern for the EU, concern for Africa and other economies even but I just don’t believe the motives and intentions are good.


YOu’re a cynical man al. I like it.


Sceptical Tayto. From experience. We’re talking about a billionaire finance guy here. It’s rarely good.


Will Italy burn the bondholders …


Democracy has been subverted in Italy for the second time in this decade. It is a fcuking disgrace. Fcuk the markets. There is a massive problem if countries have to be forced to stay in the EU. That’s all.




It’s not even the Eu, it’s the euro they have a problem with. So long as people are getting the facts, and making their mind up based on facts, that’s fine but looking at brexit, that’s simply not what happened.


They might make them an offer they can’t refuse.


For example one of the Brexit lies Was that the Eu needs the Uk more then the Uk needs the Eu, therefore they will be in a powerful bargaining position. Simply not true:


The EU has an embarrassing problem with migration. It’s sordid way out has been to pay the Turks to head them off and to fob off the Italians. That is not a long term solution. The assertion that anyone who votes to defy our EU masters (Germany) does not have all of the facts, is not necessarily true. The Brits didn’t- that’s true. However the treatment of the Greeks was appalling. (The day after the final slap down, a German company bought up Athens airport, lock stock and barrel.) Orbin won’t be told either. With the political uncertainty in the world, we may appear to need a more integrated Europe but many don’t want that.


Oh i know it’s not always true, both sides lie and exaggerate but it seems to be far too easy to able to propagate a myth/lie/exaggeration now more than ever. And if you wave a flag the message seems to be amplified. The swing to the extremes in italy is, as you say, because they are bearing the brunt of the migration crisis - them and greece - anyone fished out of the mediterranean is brought to italy and the numbers are unsustainable.

They have been left holding the can with huge numbers of african migrants, especially in the south. So any party saying they’re going to deport them has struck a cord with people. i think that’s why soros is suggesting the EU funds a marshall plan for africa - because ultimately the only way to stop the migration is for things to improve in africa itself. Easier said then done of course.


Ah … eh … Spain …


That’s it exactly. The EU and US owe Africa trillions in reparations for theft and slavery. Roads, airports, irrigation etc would be a start. If it doesn’t happen, China will own Africa within 100 years.


The EU? Individual countries such as Britain France Belgium Holland etc yes maybe theres an arguement for some compensation but the EU as a whole? What has Ireland or Poland ever done that they should be handing over money for? Tbh I’ve never bought into this reparations business. Where do you begin or start? Are we owed money off UK? Or do we owe the UK money for what the Celts did? Or what about the Scandinavians? Different times, different issues. A lot of Africa’s problems today are self inflicted. Look at Zimbabwe, look at what South Africa is trying to do itself. And that’s without getting into the sheer corruption of regimes across Africa and the theft of international aid designated for their own people. Way too simplistic an approach to just say yeah the West did bad things here’s (insert figure here) you will be prosperous forever more now. Doesn’t work that way