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Absolutely. Some of it is definitely self-inflicted but much was colonialism.I meant some countries of Europe but not all. Fact is, if there isn’t massive investment in Africa, what is happening will continue.


That’s the long and the short of it. Not helped by a slew of tinpot dictators over the last few decades who have squandered vast resources in some cases.


But would have found difficult to do so if they hadnt got the support of western governments, for years European and USA governments have turned a blind eye to dodgy regimes when it was in our interest to do so, not only in Africa, but also in central and south America and the middle east.


Big chance the Spanish government wiil fall this week, the socialist party have put forward a motion of no confidence in the government and they are very close to getting in through, it hangs on whether the Basque national party vote in favour of the motion or not, the party themselves would probably prefer to abstain as they have just got good deal for supporting the budget, but it could seriously damage their image in the basque country if they are to be seen supporting the governing popular party.


The EU is fcuked if either Spain or Italy go off the rails or make serious efforts to leave.


Italy aren’t threatening to leave the Eu, they’re threatening to leave the euro.


Sorry Tayto. Typo.


Either way not good for the EU.


Think there’s a grain of truth to this


Before I even read this, it smells like ‘The mad Italians were unruly, not careful like the Germans etc’. If that is what it says, it is more grist to the mill of people who are sick of being managed and ordered about by Germany.

…so I have read it now. It’s as I expected. A dishonest EU-loving panegyric, replete with dishonesty.


Yeh, but let’s be honest here, they actually know what they’re doing, and are the best to be managing and ordering us about. It’s just like Dublin in the football…


They are bullying all of us. We are paying their bank debts. We are all suffering for the hyperinflation of the Weimar Republic. When a stimulus is needed, the German paranoia kicks in. Austerity follows.


Bullying all of us? Jaysus. The Greeks were a basket case. And the Italian politicians are not much better.


Weimar Rep? Come on. You’ll be posting videos of cabarets in Berlin next.




It is not that complicated. The reason for the EU in the first place was French fear of Germany. The thing grew but under a very economically conservative Germany. The period of around 1918 to 1924 had set the scene for much of German economic thinking. Hyperinflation terrified them. For the past few years when in recession, many sought a different approach to austerity but Germany refused. They also forced us to pay their bank debts. Their banks lent money without regulation and lost it. We were bullied into paying it back. The treatment of Greece was disgraceful but they were allowed to renege on RUSSIAN bank debts. At the current time, Your average European family has 1.1 kids, possibly due to low wages a La German policy. Without migration, the population of the EU will plummet. So we are in a pickle. Many in Italy etc do not want hundreds of thousands of migrants etc but the truth is, we in the EU are an ageing zone and need them. The EU is at a crossroads. The treatment of certain countries and issues has been apalling and was simply German bullying. If I am wrong, why do so many want to leave?


Failing, ailing states but I have to agree, the EU has also been at fault here but the only solution may well be tighter control from the centre. Either way, it’s the global factors that are driving it really. Not much anyone can do about that. Except be very nice to China, and other parts of Asia, and before long parts of SAmerica and Africa too.

Not surprisingly many people are turning to Orwell for some review of how people like him saw the future, for example the next world war between America, Oceania, and Eurasia. And some of the other stuff he imagined in (of course!) Nineteen Eighty Four can be compared a bit to now.



Who wants to leave? The grossly misinformed flag waving pine for empire brexiteers . Who else?


We have already established/agreed that the populists in Italy are thriving thanks to the migrant crisis and Italy having been left carry the burden of that. People are pissed off so vote for the parties saying they will deal with it. Germany the right is thriving thanks to Merkel taking in 1 million refugees.


Italy. Spain. Greece. Hungary!:rofl: